Overwatch 2 Roadhog Overhaul: Exciting Updates to Hook, Introduction of New Abilities, and More


The folks working on Overwatch 2 shared news about Roadhog, one of the game’s characters. They’re making changes to him, giving him a new ability. But they mentioned it’s taking more time than they expected.

Roadhog has always been a bit tricky to get right in the game. Some players don’t like that he can take down enemies with one powerful shot and that he has a lot of health.

Over the years, the game creators tried different things to make Roadhog more fair. They made him do less damage and tweaked his hook ability, but he’s still not quite balanced.

In the upcoming update for Season 7, Blizzard has given us more info about what they’re doing to change Roadhog and make him a fair character to play. Stay tuned for these exciting updates.

Roadhog is getting a new ability in Overwatch 2

Big news about Roadhog in Overwatch 2. They’re making some cool changes to his abilities. Originally, these changes were supposed to happen in the middle of the season, but now they’re happening a bit later in Season 7.

The game developers are doing some last-minute tweaks to improve Roadhog’s main gun and “Take a Breather” ability. And guess what? They’re adding a totally new ability for Roadhog Super exciting, right?

The details about this new ability are a bit of a mystery for now. They haven’t told us exactly what it does. But here’s the good news – his hook and the super powerful “Whole Hog” move are staying the same.

Since they’re changing his main gun, some folks think the new ability might have something to do with how he shoots. We’ll have to be patient and wait a few weeks to find out the specifics.

So, stay tuned, Overwatch fans More updates about Roadhog are on the way, and it’s going to be awesome.

When Is Roadhog’s Rework Coming

Guess what, Overwatch fans? Roadhog is getting some changes in the middle of Season 7, starting around October 10th. Usually, these mid-season updates happen about a month into a two-month season. So, you can look forward to the changes around November 7th or 14th. Why those dates? Well, Blizzard tends to drop big updates on Tuesdays.

Keep an eye out for these cool Roadhog updates, and mark your calendar for some exciting changes in early November.

Roadhog Rework Abilities and Changes

So Roadhog is getting some changes, and while they haven’t spilt all the details, they did share a few things. First, Roadhog is getting a brand-new ability, which sounds cool.

The person in charge of designing Roadhog, Alec Dawson, has some goals for these changes:

  1. Make Roadhog better at protecting the team and controlling areas on the map.
  2.  Keep Roadhog’s main way of playing the game the same.
  3.  Change how strong Roadhog is in different ways so he doesn’t have to rely too much on taking out enemies with just one shot.

So, in a nutshell, Roadhog is about to become more team-friendly, with some tweaks to his strengths and abilities. Stay tuned for more details on these exciting updates.


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In summary, Overwatch 2 is introducing significant changes to Roadhog in Season 7. These adjustments include a new ability, improvements to his main gun and “Take a Breather,” and an emphasis on making him more team-friendly. While the exact details of the new ability remain a mystery, the rework aims to balance Roadhog’s strength and gameplay style. Anticipated around November 7th or 14th, these updates promise an exciting and refreshing experience for Overwatch fans. Stay tuned for more details as the Overwatch 2 team continues to refine and unveil these exciting improvements.


Q: Will Overwatch 2 have Roadhog?

A: Roadhog, an original hero in Overwatch, is set to undergo a rework in the latest Overwatch 2 patch. While his core abilities, such as the Scrap Gun, Chain Hook, and self-healing Take A Breather, remain, notable changes are being introduced to enhance and modify some of these elements.

Q: Is Roadhog a good tank in Overwatch 2?

A: Roadhog, classified as a tank hero, possesses a considerable health pool and the ability to sustain himself. Armed with a close-range shotgun capable of delivering both close and ranged blasts, Roadhog stands out for his capacity to inflict substantial damage among tank heroes. His kit encourages an assertive playstyle, highlighting the effectiveness of his attacks in close quarters.

Q: Who is Roadhog weak against?

A: Taking advantage of her Rocket Launcher’s extended range and lack of damage reduction, Pharah can deal significant damage to Roadhog from a distance. On the flip side, Reaper proves to be a potent counter to Roadhog in close-quarters combat, thanks to the formidable damage output of his Hellfire Shotguns and the effectiveness of his passive ability.