How To Locate Mystical Cave In Dreamlight Valley


To move ahead in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ve got some fun missions, like the one called “With Great Power.” In this mission, you need to go to the Mystical Cave Dreamlight Valley and get the Orb of Power to free Ursula from the dream light valley trap.

Figuring out the tricky stuff in the Mystical Cave is how you get the Orb of Power. Many players ask about it, so we made a guide to help you. It shows you how to get the Orb of Power in Disney Dreamlight Valley, enables you to find the mystical cave dreamlight valley, and gives tips on beating the challenges. Check it out for an easier time in the game.

Finding the Mystical Cave Dreamlight Valley

After you’ve finished checking out Ursula’s Cave:

  1. Head back to the beach.
  2. Keep walking straight through the palm trees until you see a pillar.
  3. Just go around the Pillar to get to the special mystical cave in Dreamlight pillar.
  4. Look out for an old gadget next to the door.
  5. Put the crystal Ursula gave you into the gadget and press the button.

That will open up the Mystical Cave for you. Easy peasy.

Unlocking Enchanted Gates

Inside the Mystical Cave, you’ll find three special gates. To go forward, you need to solve puzzles to open these gates. No worries—I’ve got the solutions for you to unlock each Magic Gate in the Mystical Cave Dreamlight Valley.

Let’s make your journey easier.

Magic Gate Number First

Okay, let’s break it down At the first Magic Gate, there are three statues with different colours. Each colour matches a gem you need to solve the puzzle and open the gate.

Here’s what you need:

  • Green Statue: Get Peridot from mining in Peaceful Meadow and Dazzle Beach.
  • Blue Statue: Mine Aquamarine in Dazzle Beach and the Forest of Valor.
  • Red Statue: Find Garnet by mining in the Plaza and Peaceful Meadow.

Head to these places and use your pickaxe to break rocks and collect the gems. Once you’ve got them all, go back to the statues, interact with them, and put the gems in their hands. That’s how you open the first Magic Gate in the Mystical Cave.

Magic Gate Number Second

At the second Magic Gate, you’ll see more statues. Approach the table, and you’ll get a message on the screen like, “Figure out the right crops to grow.” It hints at needing carrot seeds, wheat seeds, and tomato seeds – one that grows underground, one that’s gold and brown, and one that’s red and round.

Now, getting these seeds in Disney Dreamlight Valley can be done two ways: either from Night Thorn drops (not very common) or, the better option, from Goofy’s stall in Peaceful Meadow.

Once you’ve got all the seeds, head back to the Mystical Cave. Plant these seeds in front of the statues, water them regularly, and be patient – they take time to grow. You can wait or go on another quest. When they’re fully grown, harvest them to open the second Magic Gate in the Mystical Cave.

Magic Gate Number Third

At the third Magic Gate, you’ve got to “cook and eat” what you’ve grown. Go to the cooking pot on the right side of the gate, put in the carrots, wheat, and tomatoes you grew, and start cooking. Make sure you have some coal for cooking; if not, break the rocks behind you to get some.

Once you’re done cooking, you’ll end up with a yummy three-star Veggie Pasta. Eat it up, and ta-da. You’ve unlocked the third and final Magic Gate to enter the Mystical Cave Dreamlight Valley.

Acquiring the Orb of Power in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Once you’ve opened all the magic gates and had your veggie pasta, go ahead a bit, and you’ll spot the Orb of Power in a small pond. Now, to grab it, use your fishing rod like you would for regular fishing. Hooking the Orb might take a few tries, but keep at it, and you’ll snag it eventually.

What does the term ‘Star Path’ mean in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Embark on your adventure starting from Peaceful Meadow and moving west towards the tranquil Dazzle Beach. Head south along the grassy trail bordering the rocky terrain of Peaceful Meadow. On this journey, you’ll come across a Pillar that needs fixing – repairing it will allow you to travel quickly to Dazzle Beach and free Ursula. Next to the Pillar, you’ll find an ancient ruin with a stone door, serving as the entrance to the Mystical Cave nestled in Dreamlight Valley.

Now, let’s discover the hidden Orb of Power inside the cave. There’s a small stand on the right side of the sealed stone door of the Mystical Cave. Interact with it, use Ursula’s Crystal Key in the slot, and open the door. Inside, you’ll encounter Magic Gates blocking your way to the Orb of Power. As suggested by Bethany Leigh on YouTube, you can unlock these gates using Garnet, Peridot, Aquamarine, Carrot Seed, Wheat Seed, and Tomato Seed.


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In conclusion, embark on Disney Dreamlight Valley’s “With Great Power” mission, navigating the Mystical Cave Dreamlight Valley to obtain the coveted Orb of Power. With steps to unlock Enchanted Gates, solve puzzles, and savour a three-star Veggie Pasta, the guide ensures a delightful journey in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Enjoy your gaming experience.


Q: Where is a mystical cave in Dreamlight Valley?

A: Discover the Mystical Cave nestled in Dazzle Beach. To reach this spot, eliminate the Night Thorns obstructing the way, a simple task achievable by spending 1,000 Dreamlight. Quickly accumulate this amount by completing the Dreamlight Duties found in the menu.

Q: Where is the secret cavern in Dreamlight Valley?

A: Upon your agreement to assist her, Ursula will provide you with the Crystal Key, allowing entry through the door to the mysterious cave. Situated next to the Pillar of Power, the cave can be found on the grassy area of the beach, west of the fast travel well.

Q: Where should we place the Slab in the mystical cave in Dreamlight Valley?

A: Explore the Mystical Cave at Dazzle Beach and head to the lower floor. Look for a small gap in the wall to the right of the torches. Touch it and put the Slab in to reveal the hidden Mystical Crystal. Grab it, then go to Ariel’s house and have a chat with her.

Q: What crops do I need for the mystical cave?

A: Solving the crop puzzle in the Mystical Cave involves planting a carrot, a wheat, and a tomato. To make these crops grow, plant their respective seeds. You can obtain the necessary seeds by clearing Night Thorns in the biomes where Goofy sells each ingredient.