All Monkey Pokemon From Every Generation


Let’s explore cool Pokémon that look like monkeys. They’re playful and fantastic. In this guide, we’ll check out the best ones.

These monkey Pokémon love bananas and come from different Pokémon generations. Some might not exactly be monkeys, but in the Pokémon world, it’s a bit flexible. I’m calling it a monkey if it looks a bit like a monkey.

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Now, let’s swing into our guide about the coolest monkey Pokemon.


monkey pokemon

Meet the Pig Monkey Pokémon, known for being playful and cheeky. Mankey is a type of monkey Pokémon, and in the TV show, one once took Ash’s hat. It has cool abilities called Vital Spirit and Defiant.


Evolution from Mankey: Guess what happens to the Mankey that grabbed Ash’s cap? It turns into Primeape. Ash catches it later on. Primeape has the same abilities as Mankey.

Sometimes, things click from the start. Back in the early Pokémon days, Game Freak would change just one letter, and ta-da, a new Pokémon like Mankey or Seel, was born.

This fiery duo of apes was introduced to a younger generation and has been loved ever since. If you’re considering using them, check out our guide on understanding Pokémon battle weaknesses.

Looking into the future, it’s surprising that, despite all the games set in jungle-like places since the Kanto region, we still don’t have a special version of Mankey or Primeape.

They might not be top fighters in competitive play, but let’s hope they get some attention in the future.

They may even get a special evolution like the cool Obstagoon. If you’re on a quest to complete the evolutionary line, find tips in our guide on how to evolve Primeape.

Aipom: The Fun Monkey Pokémon

monkey pokemon

Meet Aipom, the playful Monkey Pokémon with a hand-like tail. In one funny moment, Aipom swipes Ash’s hat and ends up joining the team after Ash catches it. Aipom first appeared in Pokémon Gold and Silver and has become a beloved and charming Pokémon.

These lively Pokémon have a unique hand-like tail with fingers that they use to grab fruits and things. If you teach Aipom the move Double Slap, it can evolve into Ambipom. But be aware, Ambipom, with its double tails, loses a bit of the cuteness that makes Aipom so adorable. Also, watch out for another monkey Pokémon, Primeape, whose fighting moves can be extra effective against normal Pokémon.

Ambipom: Evolved from Aipom

When Aipom evolves, it becomes Ambipom. Ash’s Aipom transforms into Ambipom and comes with cool abilities like Technician and Skill Link, making it quite special in battles.

Slaking: The Chill Pokémon

monkey pokemon

During one of Ash’s battles, he triumphed over a Slaking with his Grovyle. Slaking, a large Pokémon with features resembling an ape, possesses a distinctive ability known as Truant. If you’re interested in mastering strategies to face Slaking in battles or seeking effective ways to deal with its unique traits, continue exploring to enhance your Pokémon expertise.

Chimpanzee Pokémon Evolution: Chimchar, Monferno, and Infernape

monkey pokemon

Let’s talk about Ash’s cool Chimchar and its evolution into Monferno and then Infernape.

Chimchar: The Wild Catch

Ash catches a wild Chimchar, and with some training, it evolves. This Fire-type Pokémon looks like a chimpanzee and can do some fiery moves with its Blaze and Iron Fist abilities.

Monferno: chimchar’s Next Form

After some good training, Ash’s Chimchar becomes Monferno. And guess what? It keeps the same abilities as Chimchar, showing how it’s getting stronger.

Infernape: The Heroic Evolution

In an exciting moment, Ash’s Monferno evolves into Infernape while saving other Pokémon from Team Rocket. Even with this big change, Infernape still has the same abilities it has as Chimchar.

So, Ash’s Chimchar goes through an amazing journey, getting stronger and evolving into cool forms. Keep exploring the Pokémon world, and who knows what other awesome evolutions you might discover.

Darmanitan: The Cool Pokémon with a Zen Surprise

monkey pokemon

Meet Darmanitan, a Pokémon who loves the heat in battles. It can change its look during a battle, depending on how it feels and its health. When it goes into Zen Mode, it becomes a Fire/Psychic-type Pokémon, showing off its cool side. Darmanitan has some cool powers, like Sheer Force (Standard Mode), Gorilla Tactics (Galarian Standard Mode), and Hidden Ability (Zen Mode).

Starting as a cute Darumaka, inspired by a Japanese Daruma doll, it turns into a big, round ape when it evolves. This ape can even enter ‘zen mode,’ making it special in battles. Even though it looks silly, Darmanitan is strong in fights and can be super helpful if you use it the right way. Plus, it has a big, toothy grin that reminds me of a Cheshire cat, which is pretty awesome.

In Pokémon Sword and Shield, there’s a cool version of Darmanitan called Galarian Darmanitan. It gets an icy makeover from being a fire type. When Galarian Darmanitan goes into zen mode, it becomes both ice and fire types, making it even more interesting and powerful. People who love playing Pokémon battles find Galarian Darmanitan exciting and fun to use. So, if you’re into Pokémon, Darmanitan is definitely one to check out.

Grookey: The Grass Monkey Pokémon

monkey pokemon

Say hello to Grookey, a Grass-type Pokémon that’s full of energy, just like a playful little monkey. Grookey’s green fur is pretty special – it can soak up energy from the sunlight, kinda like how plants use their green leaves for photosynthesis. Grookey has some cool abilities, too, like Overgrow and the hidden power of Grassy Surge.

Thwackey: Evolution from Grookey

As Grookey grows up, it turns into Thwackey, still a Grass-type Pokémon. Thwackey does something really sweet – it cheers up its buddies by giving them good grooming, showing its friendship and trust. Thwackey shares the same cool abilities as Grookey – Overgrow and the hidden power of Grassy Surge.

Rillaboom: Evolution from Thwackey

The final form in this line is Rillaboom, a super strong Grass-type Pokémon. Rillaboom even has a special form called Gigantamax, which was introduced in The Isle of Armor. And just like Grookey and Thwackey, Rillaboom has the cool abilities of Overgrow and the hidden power of Grassy Surge. Jump into the Pokémon world and see the awesome journey from Grookey to Rillaboom unfold.

Zarude: Rogue Monkey Pokemon

monkey pokemon

Let’s chat about Zarude, a unique Dark Grass-type Pokémon. Zarude is pretty special because it’s the only Pokémon that can make the Jungle Healing move and has Leaf Guard abilities.

Zarude is quite new in the Pokémon world, added to the Pokémon Sword and Shield game not too long ago. Now, some folks might find it a bit strange to add another grass monkey, especially when there are already five, and three of them were introduced in the same generation.

But hey, Zarude is not your typical monkey. It has a cool look and some impressive stats. Guess what? It even has its own movie, and people say it’s pretty awesome. Keep an eye out for Dada Zarude – the one with the fancy scarf makes it look extra stylish.

So, if you’re into cool and unique Pokémon, Zarude might just be the one for you. Check it out and see if it becomes your new favourite in Pokémon.

Oranguru: Sage Pokémon

monkey pokemon

Let’s talk about Oranguru, a Pokémon that’s pretty smart. It belongs to the Normal Psychic type. Oranguru can do something special – the only Pokémon can learn the move instructions. It has different abilities like Inner Focus or Telepathy, and there’s a hidden ability called Symbiosis.

Passimian: The Team Player Pokémon

monkey pokemon

Now, meet Passimian, a Pokémon that’s all about teamwork and belongs to the Fighting type. Passimian looks like a strong lemur with its black-and-white appearance and big shoulders. It has abilities like a Receiver and a hidden ability called Defiant. If you’re into Pokémon, these two can bring some interesting moves to your team.

Pansage: The Leafy Monkey Pokémon

monkey pokemon

Let’s talk about Pansage, the cool Grass-type Pokémon that’s friends with Cilan. It looks like a monkey with a broccoli-like sprout on its head. Pansage has some special abilities called Gluttony and Overgrow.

Simisage: Evolved Friend of Pansage

When Ash had a big battle in a tournament, he faced a strong Simisage. Sadly, he didn’t win, but it’s cool to know that Simisage is the evolved form of Pansage and has the same abilities.

Panpour: The Water Sprayer Pokémon

Goh caught a Panpour in Opelucid City during an exciting episode called “Thrash of the Titans” Panpour is a Water-type Pokémon and has neat abilities like Gluttony and Torrent.

Simipour: The Watery Pokémon

Simipour made its first appearance with Betty in an episode called “Search for the Club Ultimate” It’s a Water-type Pokémon, and just like Panpour, it has Gluttony and Torrent abilities.

Pansear: The Heat-loving Pokémon

Pansear is the Fire-type member of the group. It loves heat and completes the trio with Pansage and Panpour. Like the others, Pansear has abilities called Gluttony and Blaze.

Simisear: Evolution from Pansear

In a tournament match, Getty used Simisear against Betty’s Simipour. It fought well but was eventually defeated. Simisear keeps the abilities of Gluttony and Blaze from its earlier form, Pansear. So, even if it lost, it still showed some cool moves.

Top 8 Monkey Pokemon List

  1. Close Combatant: Infernape is a powerful Pokémon known for its close combat prowess.
  2. Mythical Pokemon By Day, Loving Dad By Night: Zarude is a mythical Pokémon with a unique dual identity, known for its protective and caring nature.
  3. Up To No Good: AipomA mischievous Pokémon always getting into playful trouble.
  4. Natural Talent: GrookeyA Pokémon with innate musical talent, using sticks and a drum for its performances.
  5. Flaming Chimp: ChimcharA fiery chimp Pokémon with a burning spirit.
  6. Drop The Beat: ThwackeyEvolving from Grookey, this Pokémon continues the musical theme, dropping beats with its drumming skills.
  7. The Original: MankeyOne of the original monkey Pokémon, known for its feisty and energetic nature.
  8. Three In One: Pansear/Pansage/PanpourA trio of elemental monkeys, each with its own unique type – Fire (Pansear), Grass (Pansage), and Water (Panpour).


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Our dive into the monkey Pokémon realm has been a joyous ride, from the mischievous Aipom to the fiery Chimchar and musical Grookey. These playful creatures, with a penchant for bananas, showcase the imaginative flexibility of the Pokémon universe. Encountering iconic favourites like Mankey and Primeape and newer additions like Zarude and Oranguru adds depth to this delightful journey. Whether you’re captivated by Aipom’s antics or the elemental trio of Pansear, Pansage, and Panpour, the Pokémon world promises a playful and diverse adventure.


Q: What is the Fire monkey in Pokémon?

A: Chimchar, known as the Monkey Pokémon, effortlessly scales steep walls and resides atop mountains. While in slumber, its flames extinguished.

Q: What is the toxic monkey Pokémon?

A: Grafaiai heightens the toxicity of its poisonous saliva when sensing danger. This Pokémon is adept at utilizing its venomous saliva, changing colour depending on its diet, to launch offensive attacks. It engages adversaries by spitting saliva or slashing with claws infused with the toxic substance.

Q: Is Zarude a monkey?

A: We’ve confirmed the existence of Zarude, the Rogue Monkey Pokémon. In combat, it adeptly navigates through trees and branches, delivering unrelenting assaults using its razor-sharp claws or any other resources at its disposal.

Q: Is there any monkey Pokemon?

A: Pansear, Pansage, and Panpour stand as unique Pokémon, but their interconnection delves further. Termed as the elemental monkeys, each embodies a foundational element—Pansear personifies fire, Pansage represents grass, and Panpour symbolizes water.