Liar’s Dice Rules


Liar’s Dice, an enduring game blending deception and strategic insight, demands players to conceal their rolled dice beneath a cup. The gameplay unfolds with participants bidding on the cumulative count of a selected die face, sparking a dynamic exchange of bluffs and challenges.

The revelation of Dice ultimately unveils the victor, showcasing the player with the keenest wit and tactical prowess. This article aims to provide a concise yet thorough exploration of the distinctive rules of Liar’s Dice, navigating the captivating intersection of chance and skill intrinsic to this timeless pastime.

About Liar’s Dice

Liar’s Dice is a fun game where you try to trick others and use strategy to win. Everyone has their own dice, but you have to guess how many dice there are in total, including the ones you can’t see. You take turns guessing and challenging each other. The goal is to avoid losing challenges so you don’t lose your dice. It’s a game of bluffing and thinking ahead. This article will help you better understand the game and enjoy playing with friends.


The main aim is to be the last player with Dice by smartly handling challenges, whether you’re the one making bids or challenging others.

Number of Players

Liar’s Dice is most fun with two or more players, reaching its peak excitement with three to eight people.


While adults enjoy Liar’s Dice, it’s also great for kids aged seven and up. You just need to know basic numbers, like recognizing them, putting them in order, and adding them up. You’ll also get the hang of probability, which is just a fancy word for a chance of something happening.

What You Need / Equipment

  • Five dice per player
  • One shaker/cup


  • Math skills (knowing numbers, adding, understanding chance)
  • Thinking ahead
  • People skills (like reading others and bluffing)

Why We Like It

Liar’s Dice is a lively and social game. It mixes thinking and fun in a quick-paced way. While playing, you’re also getting better at math without even realizing it.

How To Play Liar’s Dice

Liar’s Dice can be played in two ways. In one way, each player has a set of five regular dice. In the other way, players share a group of five dice, passing them around. Let’s explore both ways and learn about some variations.

“Single Hand” Liar’s Dice:

The game happens in rounds, and the first player is chosen either by agreeing together or by rolling two dice, with the highest roll going first. Then, play goes around the table.

At the start of each round, everyone rolls their dice at the same time, but they keep their rolls secret. If dice stack on top of each other, they must be rolled again.

The first player says a bid, naming a face (“1s,” “5s,” etc.) and a number. The number is their guess about how many of that face everyone rolled, including themselves. For example, they might say “five 2s.”

Other players can either raise the bid for the same face (like saying “six 2s”) or challenge the last bid. There are different ways to bid, and we’ll talk about some below.

If someone challenges, everyone shows their dice. If the bid is right or even more, the bidder wins. If not, the challenger wins.

If the bidder loses, they have to take one of their dice out of the game.

The person who lost the last round starts the next one.

(When only two players are left with one die each, bids are made on the total of both dice, not just the number of faces rolled.)

For Example

Tom, Emma, Mike, and Sarah are playing a game called Bluff Dice. In the game, they take turns guessing how many times a certain number appears on all the dice. Tom starts by saying, “Three 4s.” Then Emma says “five 4s,” and Mike goes even higher with “seven 4s.”

Sarah decides to challenge Mike’s guess. They all show their dice, and it turns out there are only sixs 4’s. Since Mike’s guess was too high, Sarah won this round. When you lose a round, like Mike did, you have to put one of your Dice aside, and you can’t use it for the rest of the game. This makes the game more exciting as it goes on.

“Common Hand” Liar’s Dice

In this version of Liar’s Dice, we use Poker Dice hands, which are different ways your dice can show numbers.

Here they are from the best to the not-so-best:

  1. Five-of-a-kind
  2. Four of a kind
  3. Full house (Three of a kind and a pair)
  4. High straight (2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
  5. Low straight (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
  6. Three of a kind
  7. Two pair
  8. One pair
  9. Highest single number

You’ll also need some tokens, like chips or counters (about ten for each player).

Here’s how the game goes: we play in many rounds. Everyone rolls their dice to start the first round, and the player with the best dice hand goes first. The game then moves around the table in a circle.

The first player rolls their dice and looks at them without showing the others. They then say a poker hand. It could be what they actually rolled, or they might be making it up! If it’s a bluff, they could say their hand is better or worse than it is.

After that, the game continues with the next player. The first player starts with the best hand, but the next player can try to say they have an even better hand, or they can challenge the first player’s bid.

If someone challenges, everyone shows their dice, and we see if the bid is true or not. The player with the highest-ranking hand wins. If they were bluffing, they lost, and we took one of their dice out of the game.

This continues for each round, making the game exciting and fun! The goal is to be the best bluffer and have the most dice left in the end.

The next person has a choice to say if they agree with the hand someone said or to question it.

If they challenge, everyone shows their dice. If the person challenging is right, and the shown hand is not as good as what was said before, the person who got challenged adds a counter to the pot. But if the person challenging is wrong, and the shown hand is as good as or better than what was said, the challenger adds a counter to the pot.

If there’s no challenge, the dice go to the next person without showing them to anyone else. The player looks at the Dice and can choose to roll some of them again. But they have to honestly say how many dice they are rolling again and then say a hand that is better than the one before. For example, if the last roll was three of a kind and the player decides to roll two dice again, they have to say that they now have a full house.

This keeps going, with the dice moving to the next players. Each player must say a better hand until someone challenges. If there’s a challenge, the player who was wrong loses a counter, and the person who challenged becomes the starting player for the next round.

Players leave the game when they run out of counters.

Liar’s Dice Rules

Increasing Bids

  • Raise the bid on the next turn by choosing a larger number on the Dice while maintaining the same quantity (e.g., three fours to three fives or three sixes).
  • Alternatively, increase the bid by choosing more dice with any number (e.g., three fours to four twos).

Ones as Wild Cards

  • One can act as any number only if the first bidder specifies. If not, ones only count as ones for the remainder of that time.

Penalty for Losing Challenges

  • The player who loses a challenge, whether the first bidder or the challenger, must remove one die from their group for all subsequent turns.

Dealing with Stacked Dice

  • If players discover stacked dice in their cup, they must reveal them to everyone by lifting the cup and then rerolling.

Out-of-Turn Challenges

  • A player can question any bidder, regardless of their seating position. However, if the challenger is incorrect, they must remove one additional die.

Liar’s Dice Rule Variations

Liar’s Dice can be played in many different ways. Let’s look at some special versions:

  • Wild Ones: In this version, ones are like chameleons. They can be any number, but only if they match the number that was bid last, except when “ones” are already the chosen number.
  • Bidding Variants: Here, players can change their bids in different ways: They can bid more of any number or the same amount of a bigger number.
  • They can bid more of the same number or any amount of a bigger number.
  • They can bid more of the same number or the same amount of a bigger number.

And there’s also a different style called:


  • In this one, each player gets three chances to roll the dice before saying what numbers they have. After each roll, players can keep some dice and roll the others again to try for better numbers.

Liar’s Dice Winning Strategy

Getting really good at Liar’s Dice means understanding the game and making smart moves. Here’s an easy guide to help you win more:

Smart Bidding

Change your bids based on how the game is going. Increase the numbers you say either by saying there are more dice or by picking a higher number on the dice. Use ones cleverly, especially in special versions like “Wild Ones.”

Challenging Carefully

If you think someone is saying there are more dice than there really are, challenge them. But be careful because you might lose more dice if you’re wrong.

Taking Care of Your Dice

Try to be the last one with dice left in one way to play. You can do this by winning challenges and making others get rid of their dice. In another way to play, keep your counters safe by making smart moves that use up other players’ counters.

Making the Most of Rerolls (if you can do them)

If you’re allowed to roll the dice again, be smart about it. Keep the Dice that helps you the most and roll the others again to try for better ones.

Being Flexible

Change your plan based on the special rules of the version you’re playing. Different rules mean you need to play in different ways.

Watching and Trickery

Keep an eye on what others are doing. Try to figure out if they’re telling the truth or trying to trick everyone. You can use tricks, too, but be careful not to get caught.

Winning at Liar’s Dice is about being clever, changing your plans, and maybe fooling your friends a little. With these easy tips, you can become a Liar’s Dice champion.

Liar’s Dice Rules Video Guide


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In summary, Liar’s Dice is a strategic and engaging game where players conceal their rolled dice beneath a cup, engaging in a dynamic exchange of bluffs and challenges. The victor is determined by the clever revelation of dice, showcasing strategic prowess. This article concisely explores the game’s rules, highlighting the captivating blend of chance and skill inherent in this timeless pastime.


Q: Is liars dice all luck?

A: Liar’s Dice is recognized as an outstanding game, providing a dynamic blend of speed, luck, probability, and bluffing. Its simplicity is a notable aspect, as proficiency in basic math, specifically the ability to mentally divide 24 by 3, is the only requirement for a successful and enjoyable gaming experience.

Q: Who can call a liar in liars dice?

A: If your counterpart suspects deception, they can declare “liar” or issue a “challenge” to conclude the round. When your roll is challenged, expose the dice; if your bluff is revealed, place one of your poker chips in the centre of the table.

Q: How do you play Pirates of the Caribbean Pirates dice?

A: Pirates Dice is organized into rounds, with each cycle encompassing players rolling their dice, initiating an initial “bid,” and subsequent players raising the bid until a challenge is issued, culminating in the resolution of the challenge.

Q: Is Pirate’s dice the same as liars’ dice?

A: Pirates Dice is a game inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean movie, offering a similarity to Liar’s Dice. The distinguishing factor is the use of custom dice featuring a skull and crossbones, replacing the traditional ones. The gameplay mirrors Liar’s Dice, with the added twist of considering the custom dice as wild, similar to the standard one.

Q: Is Liars Dice played in casinos?

A: Liar’s Dice is not a game typically found in casinos.