How To Win Mancala: Easy Guide To Master Mancala


How To Win Mancala – Becoming a Mancala master is all about understanding strategy, keeping a sharp eye on your opponent’s moves, and anticipating their next steps. Originating in Africa, Mancala has become a beloved game worldwide, captivating players with its mix of skill and clever tactics.

As you dive into the game, navigating the board filled with pits and seeds, your goal is to discover how to win Mancala by capturing the most stones and outsmarting your opponent.

This guide explores essential strategies and practical tips that will help you achieve victory in Mancala. Whether you’re a beginner looking to grasp the basics or a seasoned player aiming to refine your game, this article unveils the secrets to success in the exciting world of Mancala.

Mancala Game Overview

Mancala is a fun and strategic two-player game where the goal is to capture the most stones. Think of it as a game of strategy and counting. The most popular version in the United States is Classic Mancala, also known as Mankala Kalah or 2-rank Mancala.

With a history spanning over 5,000 years, it’s clear that this game is timeless and enjoyable. In this guide on how to win Mancala, we’ll explore the rules of Classic Mancala and share practical tips to enhance your gameplay. So, let’s dive in and make your Mancala experience even more enjoyable while learning how to secure those victories.

Mancala Goal 

In Mancala, your goal is to collect more than 25 stones and have a higher score than your opponent by the end of the game.

Skills You Improve 

Playing Mancala helps you get better at math (adding and subtracting), thinking strategically, and using your hands.

How Long a Game Takes 

A game of Mancala usually lasts between 5 and 10 minutes, but it can be different depending on your age and how good you are at the game.

Who Can Play 

Mancala is a game for people who are six years old and older.

Why Families Like It 

Mancala is a great game for families because it’s fun for grown-ups and easy for kids who are six and older to understand. It’s a game that everyone in the family can enjoy together, making it a favourite for families of all ages.

Different Types of Mancala Games 

Mancala has many versions, and in this guide, we’ll focus on the most common one called “Classic Mancala” (also known as “2-rank” or “Mancala Kalah”).

Classic Mancala has different ways to play, like continuous rounds and special rules for capturing and ending the game. Another popular version is Oware, but more variations exist to explore.

Setting Up the Mancala Board 

Mancala Board: The game board has two rows, each with six small cups (also called cups, holes, pits, or pockets) and two bigger cups on each end called “Mancalas.”

Mancala Stones: You have 48 pieces (they are often called stones, but some people call them seeds, marbles, or beans).

Getting Started: At the beginning of the game, distribute the 48 stones equally into the 12 small cups, with four stones in each. Sit with the board in the middle, facing six cups, and your Mancala on the right. Now, you’re ready to play.

How To Play Mancala?

Get ready to play Mancala with a friend. All you need is a Mancala board and 48 small stones.

Set Up the Board and Put Stones in Cups 

Place the Mancala board in the middle so each player sees six cups in front of them and their Mancala cup to the right. To start, evenly put four stones in each of the 12 smaller cups on the board.

Decide Who Goes First 

Have some fun deciding who gets the first turn! One player hides a stone in one hand, and the other player guesses which hand it’s in. If the guess is right, that player can choose who goes first. If it’s wrong, the other player decides. It’s good to go first, so the player who can choose usually picks that option. Now, you’re all set to play Mancala.

During Your Turn

Let’s talk about what you do during your turn in Mancala. First, choose a cup and pick up all the stones in it. Then, move those stones around the board, putting one in each cup until you don’t have any stones left. If you go past your own big cup, drop one stone into it. But if you pass your opponent’s big cup, don’t put any stones in there.

Now, when you put the last stone down, three things might happen:

  1. Suppose it lands in your big cup. That’s good news. You get to take another turn.
  2. If it lands in an empty cup on your side, and your opponent has stones in the cup across from it, you can take their stones and the one you just played and put them in your big cup. If your opponent’s cup is empty, nothing happens. Either way, your turn is over.
  3. If the last stone lands in any other cup, your turn ends.

After your turn, it’s your opponent’s turn to do the same. Keep taking turns until the game is over, and let’s see who wins.

Keep Taking Your Turns 

Keep taking turns until one player doesn’t have any stones left on their side. The player who still has stones on the board collects them and puts them into their Mancala, counting to see how many they have.

  • Say Who Won The player with the most stones in their Mancala is the winner of the game.
  • Play Again If you want to play more games, like three, five, or seven in a row, the player who lost the last game gets to go first in the next one. It adds a fun twist to the next round.

How To Win Mancala Game: Mancala Rules

Let’s understand Mancala with these seven simple rules:

  1. Start your turn only from your side of the board.
  2. During your turn, gather all the stones from one of your cups and place them one by one in a circle, going around the board (including your big cup but not your opponent’s).
  3. You get another turn if the last stone you place ends up in your big cup.
  4. If your last stone lands in an empty cup on your side and your opponent has stones in the opposite cup, you capture those stones. But if the opposite cup is empty, nothing happens.
  5. The game ends when one player’s side has no stones left.
  6. When the game is over, move any remaining stones on your side to your big cup.
  7. The player with the most stones in their big cup is the winner.

How To Win Mancala Video Guide

Winning Mancala Strategies

Winning in Mancala means getting more than 25 stones. You can do this in three ways:

  1. Drop one stone on your turn.
  2. Capture your opponent’s stones by landing on your empty cup.
  3. Make your opponent run out of moves, then take all the remaining stones on your side.

To make sure you win, use these ten strategies in Mancala:

Helpful Tips for Winning

1. Get Bonus Turns: Try to get extra turns by playing in your Mancala.

2. Set Up Good Moves: Create empty cups that help you in future moves.

3. Capture Stones: Steal your opponent’s stones whenever you can.

4. Keep More Pieces: Try to have more pieces on your side.

5. Plan Ahead: Think about your next turn to open up more options.

Defensive Tips

6. Avoid Capture: Move pieces away from an empty cup to avoid being captured.

7. Think Ahead: Plan your moves carefully to avoid helping your opponent.

8. Disrupt Opponent’s Turn: Move pieces they can take or add stones to their side to mess up their move.

9. Overload Opponent’s Side: Make it harder for them to capture, but be careful.

10. Stall or Starve: If you’re ahead, don’t give your opponent more stones when they are running out of moves.

Note: When playing against the computer, watch out for unexpected moves that capture a lot of your pieces or lose track when many stones (7+) lead to a surprise capture around the board.

For those keen on delving further into Mancala’s strategy, we suggest exploring the valuable insights presented in this informative video:

How To Win Mancala as Second Player

If you’re the second player, start by picking the second cup from the left. When your opponent makes a smart first move, you need to defend yourself.

Look at the second cup on the left side of the board – it has five stones. Move towards your big cup, and finish your turn by putting the last stone in it to get another turn. This can be a useful move in the game.


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In conclusion, becoming a Mancala master involves strategic thinking, keen observation, and anticipating your opponent’s moves. This globally cherished game, originating from Africa, seamlessly blends skill and tactics.

As you navigate the board, the ultimate goal is to discover the winning strategies for Mancala, capturing the most stones and outsmarting your opponent. Whether you’re a beginner learning the basics or an experienced player refining your skills, this guide provides essential insights into how to win Mancala.

Whether playing the classic version or exploring variations, this article unveils the secrets to success, inviting players to dive into the thrilling world of Mancala.


Q: What is the best strategy for Mancala?

A: If you take the first turn, beginning with your third hole is commonly considered advantageous. This move ensures that your final piece lands in your mancala zone, earning you a point and allowing an additional move before concluding your turn.

Q: Is mancala luck or strategy?

A: Despite its outward simplicity, Mancala is not a game dictated by luck; rather, it calls for skill, calculation, and strategic thinking.

Q: How do you capture balls in Mancala?

A: The game unfolds as players alternate turns. If you conclude your turn by depositing the last stone into an empty cup on your side of the board, you seize all the pieces in the corresponding cup directly opposite it on your opponent’s side.

Q: Is it possible to win Mancala on the first turn?

A: Have you ever noticed how certain games favour the first player? Well, in Mancala, you have the opportunity to secure a win and claim all the marbles, and this remarkable feat can be achieved right from your very first move! Experience the unfolding strategic dynamics in what we’ll call the Battle of the First Move.

Q: What does “capture” mean in Mancala?

A: In Mancala, a “capture” is a unique move where the final piece played in your turn lands in an empty cup on your side of the board, and your opponent has stones in the corresponding cup opposite it. In such instances, executing a “capture” involves taking both your single stone in the empty cup and all of your opponent’s stones in the opposing cup. If your opponent’s cup is devoid of stones, there is no capture, and no stones are added to your Mancala.