How to Play Kings Cup


Kings Cup is a fun drinking game played by college students and people of all ages. It’s simple and has been enjoyed for generations.

Here’s how it works: sit in a circle or around a table with your drinks, draw cards one by one, and do what the cards say, like taking a sip or completing a fun task.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to play Kings Cup for a great time with your friends.

Here are the straightforward rules for playing the Kings Cup drinking game

  • Ace: When someone draws an Ace, everyone takes a sip of their drink or clinks their glasses together.
  • Two: If you get a Two, choose someone to take a drink.
  • Three: Drawing a Three means you take a sip of your drink.
  • Four: For a Four, everyone points to the floor, and the last person to do so takes a drink.
  • Five: When a Five is drawn, all the guys take a drink.
  • Six: Conversely, if you draw a Six, it’s time for the girls to take a sip of their drinks.
  • Seven: With Seven, everyone quickly raises their hand toward “heaven,” and the last one to do so takes a drink.
  • Eight: An Eight lets you choose another player to share drinks with, and you both keep drinking until another Eight is drawn.
  • Nine: The person who picks a Nine has to choose a word. Each player, starting from their right, thinks of a word that rhymes. If someone can’t come up with a rhyme, they take a drink.
  • Ten: A player who gets a Ten picks a category, and each person must say something from that category, moving to the right. If someone can’t think of something, they take a drink.
  • Jack: Drawing a Jack allows you to create a rule. If someone breaks that rule during the game, they take a drink.
  • Queen: A Queen lets you ask a question to another player, who must respond with another question. The first person who can’t think of a question takes a drink.
  • King: There are three Kings. When you draw one, pour some of your drink into the King’s Cup. The person who draws the fourth King has to drink the entire contents of the cup.

These simple rules make Kings Cup an enjoyable game to play with friends. Remember to drink responsibly and have fun.


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Kings Cup is a simple and fun drinking game that can be easily adapted to suit any social gathering or party.

With its straightforward rules and the variety of actions tied to each card, it promises endless entertainment and lots of fun for all.

FAQs – Kings Cup Drinking Game

Q1. What is Kings Cup, and how is it played?

A1. Kings Cup is a fun drinking game often played by college students and people of all ages. It involves drawing cards one by one and performing actions associated with each card, such as taking a sip of a drink or completing a fun task. Players sit in a circle or around a table with their drinks and take turns drawing cards.

Q2. What do you need to play Kings Cup?

A2. To play Kings Cup, you’ll need a standard deck of playing cards and some alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages, depending on your preference. Each card in the deck corresponds to a specific action or rule in the game.

Q3. Can Kings Cup be played with non-alcoholic beverages?

A3. Yes, Kings Cup can be played with either alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages. The choice of drink is entirely up to the players, and it’s important to drink responsibly.

Q4. How many players can participate in Kings Cup?

A4. The number of players in a Kings Cup game can vary, but it’s typically played with a group of friends, and there is no strict limit to the number of participants. The more players, the more fun and interaction, but you can adapt the game to suit your group’s size.

Q5. Are there any variations to the rules of Kings Cup?

A5. Yes, there are numerous variations of Kings Cup, and players often add their own unique rules or actions to make the game more interesting. The core rules involving card actions, such as sipping drinks or performing tasks, remain the same, but you can customize the game to your liking.

Q6. What if someone can’t complete a task or follow a rule?

A6. If a player is unable to complete a task or follow a rule, they typically have to take a drink as a penalty. Remember, the aim of the game is to have fun and enjoy the social interaction, so penalties are meant to be lighthearted.

Q7. Is Kings Cup a safe game to play?

A7. Kings Cup can be a fun and social game, but it involves drinking alcohol, so it’s essential to play responsibly. Be mindful of your alcohol consumption and know your limits. Make sure to have non-drinking participants who can help ensure the game stays safe and enjoyable for everyone.

Q8. Can I adapt the rules of Kings Cup to suit a particular occasion or theme?

A8. Absolutely, One of the great things about Kings Cup is its adaptability. You can customize the rules or create special themed versions of the game to make it more suitable for different occasions, holidays, or parties.

Q9. What’s the significance of the King’s Cup, and how does it work?

A9. In Kings Cup, there are three Kings in the deck. When someone draws a King, they pour some of their drink into a central cup known as the King’s Cup. The person who draws the fourth and final King must drink the entire contents of the King’s Cup. It’s a memorable and often humorous part of the game.

Q10. Where can I find more information or variations of the Kings Cup game?

A10. You can find additional information and variations of the Kings Cup game by searching online or by asking friends who have played the game before. There are also many mobile apps and websites that provide Kings Cup rules and variations to make your game more interesting.