How To Play Bumper Pool?


Are you keen on figuring out How To Play Bumper Pool? Bless your lucky stars. The bumper pool resembles a cool contort on the standard game, adding additional difficulties and fun methodologies. You’ll need a special table, different balls, and specific sticks to start playing.

Once you’ve got all your stuff ready, understanding the rules and picking up some tips will make the game easier. Bumper pool is all about having a blast and enjoying yourself, making it perfect for anyone who loves pool. So, let’s dive in and discover how to play bumper pool for double the fun.

What Is a Bumper Pool?

Bumper pool is a cool turn on the exemplary 8-ball pool game, with interesting principles and arrangement. You’ll play on an exceptional table with explicit balls rather than simply hitting balls into pockets with signal sticks.

Generally, it’s played with two or four players, assuming you’re playing in groups. There are ten balls in the game, five red and five white. It’s easy to tell the two apart because each white ball has a dot that looks like a red dot, and each red ball has a dot that looks like a white dot. This is cool.

While exceptional balls are made for bumper pools, you can utilize standard ones. While beginning, players alternate picking their arrangement of balls. The main player picks balls numbered one through five, and the progressive picks balls numbered eleven through fifteen — the 1-ball or 11-ball goes about as the specific spotted ball during the game.

How would you set up for a round of Bumper pool?

You’ll need a unique bumper pool table, different cues, and specific balls to start the game. Let’s talk about the equipment you’ll use:

Bumper pool table

These tables come in different shapes, like rectangular or octagonal, and each one offers a unique playing experience. The rectangular tables are about 41.5″ wide and 57.5″ long, while the octagonal ones are usually 48″ wide and long. They’re smaller than regular pool tables but still tons of fun.

Bumper pool balls

To start the game, you’ll play with ten balls—five red and five white, plus a spotted red or white ball. These balls are a bit smaller than the ones used in the regular pool, about 2-⅛” in diameter.

Bumper pool cues

Since guard pool tables are more modest, the cues are shorter, as well, as a rule, somewhere in the range of 42″ and 48″ long. Be that as it may, your pick’s length relies upon your level and a manageable distance. For example, if you’re shorter, you might want a cue around 36″, while taller players usually prefer a 48″ cue.

How To Set Up Bumper Pool Table

Here’s how to set up a bumper pool table to start an awesome game. First, carefully place the balls on the table. Bumper pool tables usually have pockets with bumpers in either red or white. Each player’s balls match the colour of the pocket bumpers they’re aiming for. So, if you’re playing with red balls, put them around the white bumpers, and vice versa for white balls.

Next, put the spotted ball in front of one of the pockets. Then, spread the remaining four balls evenly on both sides of the pocket bumpers. Once everything is set up and everyone’s ready, jumping into the game and having a blast playing bumper pool is time.

How To Play Bumper Pool: Rules

  1. Shoot Together: Both players take their shots simultaneously, aiming for the right side of the table.
  2. Keep Shooting: The player whose ball gets closest to their hole or sinks keeps shooting. If both balls are equally close or sink together, the player whose ball stops first gets another turn.
  3. Setting Up: Place five red or white balls on each side of the table, including one marked cue ball of each colour. Put two red balls on each side of the white cup and do the same with the white balls around the red cup.
  4. Taking Turns: Players shoot their marked balls together, trying to bank them into their colour cups. If a player sinks their marked ball or gets it closest to their cup, they can shoot again.
  5. Special Balls First: Make sure to pocket the marked cue balls first. If you sink another ball first, your opponent can remove two of their balls as a penalty.
  6. Extra Shot: If you sink your colour ball into your cup, you get an extra shot.
  7. Out of Play: If a ball goes off the table, your opponent can place it anywhere and remove two of their balls as a bonus.
  8. No Cheating: You can’t hit your opponent’s balls or jump over anything. If you do, there’s a penalty.
  9. Finishing the Game: The game ends when one player or team sinks all their balls into their cups. But if you accidentally sink your last ball into your opponent’s cup, you lose.
  10. How Long You Can Play: The house rules decide how long the winners get to keep playing.

How To Play Bumper Pool Video Guide

Bumper Pool Winning Strategies: Handy Tips and Techniques

Really improving at guard pool implies knowing how to play defensively and picking your shots. Via cautiously arranging your moves, you can lose your rivals down and make it harder for them to score.

For instance, your opponent lines up a shot near their pocket, and it’s almost your turn. You can aim to knock their ball away with your shot, making it harder for them to score easily.

Using precise aim, you can also try to sink one of your balls while making it tricky for your opponent to make their moves.

Plus, there’s a special hole in the middle of the table, surrounded by bumpers. If you sink a ball into that hole, it’s taken out of play. Your opponent has to start their turn again, giving you a big advantage.

Top 5 Pool Cues to Boost Your Bumper Pool Game

A great pool cue can significantly affect how well you play bumper pool. With so many options, finding one that fits your budget and skill level is important. Check out these five top picks for 2022:

Pearson World Record Limited Edition 1 Pool Cue

  • It’s a limited-edition cue with a cool design featuring the world record logo.
  • Comes with a certificate to show that it is genuine.
  • Value: Around $1,495.

Lucasi Hybrid LHC97 Natural Birds-Eye Maple Pool Cue

  • This cue has an extraordinary plan to assist you with making more exact shots.
  • The grasp on the cue is made of a blend of materials to give you better control.
  • It also has a bigger sweet spot to help you aim better.
  • Price: About $890.

Players Technology Series HXT15 Two-Piece Pool Cue

  • This one is truly lightweight and simple to deal with.
  • It’s made with an exceptional material that makes it sturdy.
  • Furthermore, it has a guarantee, so you realize it’ll endure.
  • Value: Around $259.

Viper Signature 57″ 2-Piece Realtree Cover Billiard/Pool Cue 

  • Made of maple wood, so it won’t break easily.
  • Comes in a variety of weights to suit your playstyle.
  • It even accompanies a three-year guarantee for additional inner harmony.
  • Cost: Around $46.

Champion Sports White Spider Maple Pool Cue Stick

  • This cue has a special grip to help you hold it better.
  • It’s available in different weights to suit different players.
  • Plus, it comes apart easily, so you can take it anywhere.
  • Price: Around $100.


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In conclusion, understanding how to play bumper pool reveals its unique features compared to regular pocket billiards. With just two pockets, each positioned at the centre for individual players, the game presents a heightened challenge.

Additionally, bumpers surrounding the table introduce an extra layer of complexity by obstructing ball movement. Dominating the complexities of bumper pools requires expertise and key reasoning, making it a fulfilling and dynamic game for players, everything being equal.


Q: How do you win at the bumper pool?

A: If your opponent has just one or two balls left on the table, they win. To dominate the match, you should be the one to take every one of your balls into your own assigned pocket, matching the shade of your pool balls.

Q: Can you jump in the bumper pool?

A: If a player accidentally knocks a ball off the table, their opponent can place it anywhere, usually in the middle, surrounded by bumpers. Likewise, contingent upon the principles you’re playing by, the rival could get to place two of their balls into their pocket as a punishment. Remember, you cannot jump the balls in the bumper pool.

Q: Is bumper pool fun?

A: The bumper pool offers a unique blend of enjoyment and challenge. With its smaller table, the bumpers provide obstacles and additional excitement to the game.

Q: What is the difference between a pool and a bumper pool?

A: What makes a bumper pool table different from regular pocket billiards is that it has only two pockets, one for each player, placed at the centre. This makes the game more challenging. Also, the bumpers around the table make it tougher to pocket the balls as they act as obstacles.