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Are you in the mood for a super funny game? Funny Shooter 2 Unblocked is here to make you crack up. This sequel to a popular game is all about being silly. Instead of shooting normal bad guys, you get to blast goofy giants, naughty gremlins, and even some, well, let’s just say, not-so-cute toilet monsters. Get ready for a laugh riot with crazy weapons, tough boss fights, and funny upgrades in Funny Shooter 2 Unblocked.

About Funny Shooter 2 Unblocked

Want a game that’s super silly? Funny Shooter 2 Unblocked is here to make you laugh like crazy.

This awesome game is similar to a 3D animated movie where you have to shoot silly balls. You’ll blast silly giants, naughty gremlins, and even some stinky bathroom monsters. Every stage has new enemies to battle, and occasionally, you’ll encounter a super-challenging leader like an angry titan. However, don’t fret; you have many silly weapons with which to retaliate. Imagine shooting cupcakes or rainbow rockets. You can even strengthen your weapons with the gold you collect in the game.

So get ready to blast bad guys, unlock cool upgrades that make your weapons even crazier, and laugh all the way to winning in Funny Shooter 2 Unblocked. It’s like a big laugh attack, but you get to shoot cupcakes instead of cake.

Funny Shooter 2 Unblocked: Blast Silly Enemies in a Colorful Adventure

Forget the dark and gritty stuff. Funny Shooter 2 Unblocked throws you into a world bursting with colour and wacky enemies. Imagine shooting silly crimson guys, avoiding enormous clumsy creatures, and even fighting bathroom monsters. It’s funny, and the bright shades make it a blast to play.

In Funny Shooter 2 Unblocked, every level is like a new surprise. You fight all sorts of silly bad guys, and it never gets old. Plus, there’s an extra challenge every ten levels: a super tough boss fight.

The game even rewards you for being awesome. Do well, and you get prizes. Plus, you can upgrade your guns or buy new ones to create your own collection of funny firepower. Building an arsenal of crazy weapons is seriously cool.

Funny Shooter 2 Unblocked: Features for Awesome Battles & Laughs

This game is NOT your typical shooter; Funny Shooter 2 Unblocked is all about FUNNY battles with wacky enemies.

  • Fight Silly Guys: Dodge goofy giants, blast mischievous red-nosed gremlins, and even fight some CRAZY toilet monsters (seriously, this game is wild).
  • New Enemies Every Time: Every stage brings fresh monsters to battle, so it never becomes dull. Additionally, there’s a super challenging boss fight every ten stages to evaluate your abilities. Can you beat them all?
  • Build Your Own Funny Guns: This game has a crazy weapon shop. Choose from AWESOME weapons like guns that shoot cupcakes or rainbow rocket launchers. You can even make them even cooler with silly upgrades.
  • Awesome Graphics: The game world, with bright colours and funny details, looks amazing.
  • Easy Controls: There is no need to learn complicated controls. Jump right in and start blasting bad guys and LAUGHING OUT LOUD.
  • Play in Your Browser: No downloads needed. You can play Funny Shooter 2 Unblocked right on your computer. Just open it up and start blasting.

Success Tips For Funny Shooter 2

Funny Shooter 2 Unblocked is all about having FUNNY battles with wacky enemies. Here’s why it’s awesome:

Want to Win Like a Pro? Here are some Tips

  • Learn about the Bad Guys: Different bad guys fight differently. For example, big and clumsy giants might be slow but hit hard, while little red-nosed gremlins might be fast but weak. Watch how they move and fight back in different ways.
  • Run and Shoot: Don’t stand still like a statue. Move around while you shoot so the bad guys can’t easily hit you.
  • Grenades are your Friend: Use grenades to blow up groups of bad guys or hurt bosses really badly.
  • Red Barrels Go BOOM: Look for red barrels around the levels. Shooting these creates a big explosion that can take out many bad guys at once. Use them wisely.

Make Your Funny Guns Even Funnier

  • Upgrade Smart: As you earn gold, spend it on improving your favourite weapons. You can make them shoot harder, reload faster, or hold more ammo.
  • Don’t be Afraid of Silly Guns: The funny weapons might look strange, but they can be really powerful. The cupcake launcher might sound silly, but it can blow up many bad guys at once.
  • Try Different Goodies: Experiment with different gun upgrades to see what works best. Some upgrades can help you see far away, while others can make your gun quieter.

Boss Battles: Be Prepared

  • Learn the Boss’s Moves: Boss battles are different. Learn how the boss attacks and what their weak spots are. Dodge their attacks and find moments to shoot back.
  • Stock Up: Before a boss battle, make sure you have lots of ammo and grenades. You might even want to use a different gun that works better against the boss.
  • Don’t Give Up: If you lose to a boss, don’t worry. Learn from your mistakes and try again with a new plan.

Bonus Tip: Funny Shooter 2 Unblocked is all about laughing while you play. Try different weapons, tactics, and ways to move to find what works best for you and makes you laugh the most.

Score Funny Cash, Blast Bad Guys in Funny Shooter 2

Funny Shooter 2 gives you tons of “funny cash” for crushing awesome challenges. With this loot, you can snag killer new weapons and upgrade your existing ones, making you an unstoppable blasting machine against those bad dudes.

But that’s not all; Funny Shooter 2 lets you go wild with crazy upgrades for your weapons. Imagine launching fireballs with a supercharged rocket launcher or turning your grenade launcher into a confetti bomb that explodes in a shower of awesomeness. These upgrades will have you cracking up and totally change the game, letting you dominate the battlefield in a ridiculously fun way.

Funny Shooter 2 Unblocked Controls 

Get ready to cause some silly destruction in Funny Shooter 2 Unblocked. Here’s a quick guide to control your character and unleash hilarious mayhem:

Move it, move it

  • Use the arrow keys to walk around. Up to go forward, left to go left, and so on.

Look and shoot

  • Point your gun where you want to fire by moving your mouse.
  • Click the left mouse button to blast those baddies.

Jump for joy (or to dodge)

  • Press the spacebar to jump over things or dodge attacks from silly enemies.

Don’t run out of ammo

  • Hit the R key to reload your gun when you’re out of bullets. You don’t want those funny enemies getting the upper hand.

Grenades for extra boom (if available)

  • Press G to throw a grenade, but be careful. You don’t want to hurt your own team.

Shop ’til you drop (might be different depending on the game):

  • Sometimes, pressing Esc or Tab will open a shop where you can buy awesome new weapons and even cooler upgrades for your guns.

Bonus tip

  • Some games might have extra controls, like zooming in with your gun. Look out for any messages or instructions that pop up on the screen to learn those tricks.


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In conclusion, Funny Shooter 2 Unblocked delivers a side-splitting adventure unlike any other. Blast wacky enemies with outrageous weapons, from cupcake launchers to rainbow rockets. Each level throws new challenges your way, culminating in epic boss battles every ten levels. Earn funny cash to upgrade your arsenal and unlock even more hilarious firepower. With easy controls and vibrant graphics, Funny Shooter 2 Unblocked guarantees a laugh-out-loud good time for players of all ages.