Farkle Rules: How To Play Farkle


Farkle Scoring – Embark on a journey into the intricacies of Farkle, a dice game renowned for its seamless blend of luck and strategy. In this concise exploration, we’ll dissect the foundational Farkle rules that define the game’s exhilarating dynamics. From nuanced scoring tactics to the convivial atmosphere it fosters at social gatherings, join us as we unravel the essence of Farkle and appreciate why its rules stand as a hallmark of timeless enjoyment.

Farkle History

Farkle is a fantastic dice game that people really like, but we’re not exactly sure where it came from. All you need to play is six dice and a piece of paper to keep score. The farkle rules are easy, making it a fun mix of luck, thinking ahead, and being a bit daring. So, if you’re looking for a simple and enjoyable game, Farkle might be just what you need.

What Exactly is Farkle?

Let’s talk about Farkle, a fun and friendly dice game that’s all about being brave and careful at the same time. Here’s how it works: you roll the dice to get points, and you can choose to roll again to get even more points. But be careful because if you get too greedy and roll the wrong way, you might lose all your points for that round. It’s a cool game to play with friends, so give it a try and see who can score the most.

Got pals or family with you?

Great, Farkle is awesome for two players or more.

What do you need? 

Not much, Grab:

  • Six dice 🎲
  • A scoring sheet πŸ“
  • Something to write with ✏️

Want something special? 

Look for a cool Farkle set, or make your own with what we just talked about.

What will you learn? 

Playing Farkle helps your brain with:

  • Adding numbers βž•
  • Multiplying numbers βœ–οΈ
  • Figuring out chances and making good choices with strategy 🎲

Why is Farkle cool? 

Every turn you choose – play it safe or take a little risk? It’s like a mini-adventure every time. So, get ready to have fun, learn, and enjoy Farkle. πŸš€

How To Start Playing Farkle?

Get ready for a fun game of Farkle.

Grab six dice and call a friend or more – that’s all you need to get started.

Decide who goes first with a roll-off 

Like in many dice games, figuring out who starts first is a good idea. Everyone rolls one die, and the person with the highest number gets to go first. If there’s a tie, those who tied roll again until we have our starting player. It’s easy and a lot of fun – enjoy playing Farkle. 🎲

Farkle Scoring

Let’s dive into the Farkle game and explore how to score points in each turn.

Step A: Roll 6 Dice

At the start of your turn, roll all six dice.

  • If any dice help you score, Now it’s decision time. Choose whether to keep your earned points or roll again to try for more. Points come from dice showing 1s and 5s and special combinations like pairs or straights.
  • If no dice help you score, If none give you points in the first roll, it’s called a Farkle, and your turn ends.

Step B: Choose to Reroll Dice to Get More Points

If your roll has at least one scoring die, you can decide to reroll and try to improve your score. Pick which scoring dice you want to keep, set them aside, and roll the rest again. You can keep rerolling, but remember, you must always keep at least one scoring die each time. You can do this up to six times, but it’s rare to keep only one die per roll.

Step C: Lock in Your Score

After any roll where you score, you can choose to lock in your points according to the rules below. But be careful – until you lock in your score, it could be wiped out if you roll a Farkle later.

Step D: Finish Your Turn

Your turn ends when:

  • You roll or reroll without getting any scoring dice – this is called a Farkle, and you don’t get points for that turn.
  • You decide to lock in your score after rolling or rerolling scoring dice.

Step E: Bonus Roll

If you manage to score all six dice at the end of your turn, you get “hot dice” and can take bonus rolls. Repeat steps 3A-3D, but beware – if you roll a Farkle during the bonus, you score zero points for the entire round, including the first six dice.

Step F: Count Your Round Score

When it’s time to count your points, remember that dice set aside in multi-roll turns must stay in their original groups. You can’t mix them with dice from other rolls to create new combinations.

Here’s how the farkle scoring works:

  • 5 = 50 points
  • 1 = 100 points
  • 3 of a kind 2-6 is 100 times the number (2 = 200, 3 = 300, 4 = 400, 5 = 500, 6 = 600)
  • 3 of a kind 1s: 1,000
  • 4 of a kind = 1,000
  • 5 of a kind = 2,000
  • 6 of a kind = 3,000
  • Straight (all six dice 1-6) = 1,500
  • 3 pairs = 1,500
  • 4 of a kind + pair = 1,500
  • 2 x 3 of a kind = 2,500

Now, armed with this scoring guide, go ahead and enjoy your Farkle adventure.

Farkle Rules

Farkle Moment: If your roll doesn’t have any scoring dice, it’s called a Farkle. Your turn ends, and you start with zero points, no matter what you scored before.

Reroll Strategy: When you roll again for a better chance at points, keep at least one scoring die to keep things going.

Bonus Roll Excitement: Score with all six dice. Congratulations, You get a bonus roll. But remember, the same rules apply – decide to keep the points, try for more, but watch out for Farkles that can erase all your hard-earned points.

Banking Points: Your points officially count only when you decide to end the turn after scoring. Hit the “bank” button to secure your points.

Victory Milestone: The big win is reaching 10,000 points first. Secure your victories and be the ultimate Farkle champion.

Dice Tale: Each turn tells a story with your scoring dice. They can’t mix with dice from other turns, creating a unique journey for every player.

Farkle Scoring Sheet

Farkle Rules

Farkle Rules Video Guide

Farkle Fun: Trying Different Ways to Play

Let’s explore the exciting world of Farkle and spice things up with some cool variations. Here’s a simple guide to make your Farkle games even more interesting:

Getting Started

To add a twist, some players say you need to score at least 500 points first. Until you hit that score, no other points count. It makes the first turn more strategic and exciting.

Scoring Dice Tricks

We already talked about scoring, but did you know there are different ways to do it? Check these out:

  • Triple 1s: In a special version called “Pocket Farkle,” rolling three 1s gives you 300 points instead of the usual 1000. But remember, some versions might not give any bonus for triple 1s.
  • More Scoring Fun: People score points in Farkle in many other ways. It’s like creating your own special scoring rules.

Triple Farkle Penalty

Some players make it tough for risk-takers. If you roll a Farkle three turns in a row, you lose 1000 points. But, honestly, some think it’s not needed because three Farkles already mean no points.

Extra Rolls for Everyone

Imagine this: everyone gets one more roll after someone hits 10,000 points. It adds some suspense to the end. But not everyone likes it; some prefer a clear winner when the first person reaches 10,000 points.

Farkle Friends

Farkle has many friends with different names and rules. Check these out:

  • Farkel (just a different way to spell it)
  • 1000/5000/10000
  • 10000, Ten Thousand
  • 6 Dice
  • Cosmic Wimpout
  • Greed
  • Hot Dice
  • Squelch
  • Zilch
  • Zonk

So, try out these variations, and let your Farkle journey be full of surprises and fun. 🎲✨


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In conclusion, Farkle is a timeless joy, blending chance and strategy in its intricate rules. Whether sticking to the classic or exploring exciting variations, the game transforms gatherings into a realm of fun, luck, and bold decisions. So, grab your dice, call your friends, and let the Farkle adventures continue.


Q: What are the rules for the Farkle game?

A: Farkle involves two or more players, each taking turns to roll the dice. Each player’s turn scores accumulate towards a designated winning total, commonly set at 10,000 points. At the start of every turn, the player throws all the dice simultaneously.

Q: What the heck is Farkle?

A: “Farkle” encompasses various meanings and is recognized by alternative names such as Zonk and Wimpout. It is the title of a dice game, where the objective is to achieve the highest score in the final round of play, and a term used to describe a flashy motorcycle accessory.

Q: Who wins at Farkle?

A: Roll the dice continuously, being careful not to “farkle” by exhausting your dice and losing your score. Alternatively, choose to end your turn and maintain your current score. Turns persist until a player achieves 10,000 points. Allow each participant an extra turn to surpass the leading score. The ultimate winner is the player with the highest score when the game concludes.

Q: Is Farkle a game of luck?

A: Indulge in the thrill of Farkle with the Classic Dice-Rolling, Risk-Taking Gameβ„’. Take bold risks as you continuously roll the dice to enhance your score, or opt for a more cautious approach to safeguard your points and steer clear of a Farkle. Immerse yourself in an exhilarating competition where strategy and luck intertwine, creating a thoroughly enjoyable experience from start to finish.