How To Play Jenga: Rules, Strategy & More


Jenga Rules – Welcome to the world of Jenga, a game of skill and strategy. In Jenga, players take turns removing wooden blocks from a tower and carefully balancing them on top. As the tower becomes increasingly unstable, the excitement builds. This article will concisely overview the essential Jenga rules, ensuring an enjoyable and competitive gaming experience. Let’s dive into the dos and don’ts, making your Jenga sessions both thrilling and fair for all players.

About Jenga

What Is Jenga?

Jenga is a fun game you play on a table. You have a tall tower made of wooden blocks. Each player takes turns pulling out one block and putting it on top. But be careful! If the tower falls, the game is over.

So, the goal is to be careful and not let the tower fall. It’s a game that anyone can play and enjoy.

Why is Jenga fun to play?

Jenga is a game for everyone aged three and older, so it’s good for lots of different people. It’s exciting because you have to be careful and make smart choices. You can play it safe by picking an easy block to avoid making the tower fall, or you can take a risk by choosing a harder block to make it tricky for the next player. The game goes from quiet moments of focus to loud cheers and groans as the tower moves and finally falls at the end. It’s a fun game for everyone.

What is the main point of playing Jenga? 

In Jenga, you want to take one block at a time and put it on top of the tower without making everything fall down. The person who does this just before the tower falls is the winner.

How many people can play Jenga? 

Jenga is the most fun when 2 to 6 people play. This way, everyone can sit comfortably around the tower, and each person gets plenty of turns to make the game interesting.

What can you learn from playing Jenga? 

Playing Jenga helps make your fingers work better, helps you coordinate your movements, and teaches you how to take turns. There are even more good things about playing Jenga, and you can find them here.

Who can play Jenga? 

Jenga is made for people who are three years old and older. But guess what? It’s not just for kids—grown-ups like playing it too.

How long does a game of Jenga last? 

Usually, a game of Jenga goes on for 5 to 15 minutes. How long it takes depends on how tricky players make the tower and how focused they are when it’s their turn.

Game Pieces 

In a full Jenga set, you’ll find 54 wooden blocks. Although you don’t have to use the stacking guide that comes with the game, it can make setting up the initial tower easier. To create the tower, you stack 3-block sections, with each level placed at a right angle to the level above and below, making an impressive 18-story tower.

Our recommendations:

Regular Size Jenga: You can choose the Official Jenga Game or the Premium (and nice-looking) Unofficial Version.

Big Size: The Official Giant Jenga game is fantastic if you want a larger version. Or, if you want to save money, the Giantville giant version is also a great option.

How To Play Jenga

Preparing the Tower for the Game 

To get ready for a game of Jenga, build the tower using the 54 wooden blocks. These blocks come in groups of three, making a total of 18 stories. Each story should be laid flat with the thinnest side facing up. When stacking the tower, make sure each story goes in a different direction by 90 degrees so they stand up straight.

Deciding Who Goes First 

The person who builds the tower gets the first turn. In the first game, if one person builds it, they start. If a few people build it together, you can decide who goes first in different ways, like picking the youngest, flipping a coin, or finding the odd one out. Going first’s no big advantage, so don’t worry too much. In the next games, the person who makes the tower fall puts it back together for the next round and gets the first turn in that game.

Removing a Block from the Tower 

You can only use one hand at a time. Touch the tower and take a block from any level below the top one that’s finished. If the top level has three pieces, take from the 2nd level or below. If the top level has 1 or 2 pieces, take from the 3rd level, making the 2nd level the highest one that’s finished.

Placing the Taken Block on Top of the Tower 

After taking a block, put it on top of the tower. Put it in a way that is different from the layer below. You can only start a new level when the layer below it has three pieces.

Finishing Your Turn 

Your turn is done once you’ve pulled and placed your block, following the steps we talked about. This happens either after 10 seconds since you put your block on top of the tower or when the next player touches any block.

Keeping the Game Going in Order 

The game continues by going to the next player in a circle until the play is finished.

Ending the Game if Blocks Fall

The game stops if someone accidentally knocks over blocks on the tower, not including the one they are using.

Picking the Winner

The winner is the last person who finishes a turn successfully before the game ends, whether the tower falls or some blocks tumble.

Getting Ready for the Next Game 

If you made the tower fall, you set up the game for the next round.

Jenga Video Guide

Drunk Jenga Rules

Drunk Jenga is a fun game you can customize to make it right for your group. While setting up, you and your friends can come up with rules that everyone will enjoy, whether they’re about taking a sip of a drink or doing something funny. For example, you might have a rule where you sing a school song or do your best impression of a sports mascot.

The great thing about Drunk Jenga is that you can be creative with the rules. Since a regular Jenga set has 54 blocks, having a mix of different rules is a good idea. You can include rules for taking sips, small games, funny actions, and game moves that can change how everyone plays. Below, you’ll find 53 popular Drunk Jenga rules to help you get started, but don’t forget to add your own fun ideas to make the game even better.

  1. Two Truths and a Lie: Kick off a fast-paced round of Two Truths and a Lie, where you have the authority to pick someone to take a drink.
  2. The Magic Number: Generously distribute three drinks among the entire group.
  3. Bear Hug: Embrace another willing player with a heartfelt hug.
  4. Guys: All gentlemen in the group partake in a drink.
  5. Chicks: All ladies in the group indulge in a drink.
  6. Heaven: Direct everyone’s gaze skyward, with the last person to comply taking a drink.
  7. Date: Choose someone as your companion and hold hands for the duration of the game.
  8. Heads or Tails: Flip a coin and predict the outcome. Correct guesses allow you to give a drink, while incorrect ones result in you taking a sip.
  9. Truth or Dare: Engage in a brisk round of Truth or Dare with a player of your choosing.
  10. Take a Shot
  11. Categories: Select a category, and each participant must name something within it. Those who repeat or falter must take a drink.
  12. Change-Up: Sip with your non-dominant hand for the remainder of the game.
  13. Never Have I Ever: Participate in a brief round of Never Have I Ever.
  14. “No Offense”: Precede every sentence with “No offence but…” Forgetting incurs a drink penalty.
  15. Thumb War: Challenge a fellow player to a thumb war, with the loser taking a drink.
  16. Vow of Silence: Maintain silence for three rounds. Slip-ups result in a drink.
  17. Rock, Paper, Scissors: Challenge a player to Rock, Paper, Scissors with the loser drinking.
  18. Cowboy: Adopt a country accent. Ditching it means taking a drink.
  19. Give a Toast: Deliver an impromptu speech for the group before raising your glass in cheers.
  20. Fairy Princess: Spin in a circle five times and attempt to walk in a straight line.
  21. Karaoke: Showcase your vocal talents by singing a karaoke classic.
  22. Question Master: Assume the role of the Question Master. Those answering your questions must drink.
  23. Do a Lap: Race a lap around the group. Decide on the number of laps collectively.
  24. Eye Contact: Make eye contact with players before your next turn; they must take a drink.
  25. No Laughing: If you laugh in the next three turns, you must take a drink.
  26. Give a Sip
  27. Wild Style: Emit a loud animal noise.
  28. Take a Sip
  29. Bust a Move: Display a dance move!
  30. Change Places: Everyone swaps seats.
  31. Shotgun: Rapidly consume a beer.
  32. Cha-Ching: Send $1 via Venmo to the player on your right.
  33. No Peeking: After pulling the block, place it on the tower with your eyes closed.
  34. Commit to the Bit: Share your best joke or funny story.
  35. Hydrate or Diedrate: Chug a full glass of water.
  36. Switcheroo: Exchange an article of clothing with another player.
  37. Ambrosia: Concoct a mystery cocktail for a chosen player.
  38. Lovebug: Compliment another player.
  39. Give a Shot
  40. Balance Beam: Stand on one leg until the next turn.
  41. Reverse Reverse: Reverse the direction of the game.
  42. What’s in the Bag: Disclose the contents of your bag or pockets to the group.
  43. Take 5 Drinks
  44. Get Rich Quick: The person across from you must Venmo you $1.
  45. Historian: Share the past five Google searches in your phone’s history.
  46. Bust a Rhyme: Craft and perform a rap or poem for the group.
  47. Give 5 Drinks
  48. Staring Contest: Challenge another player to a staring contest; the first to blink takes a drink.
  49. Go Again: Take two turns in a row.
  50. Beauty Salon: Dramatically alter your hairstyle. Bonus: Have the group suggest the new hairdo.
  51. Atten-hut: Drop and give the group 10 push-ups.
  52. Newlyweds: Propose to a chosen player in the group while on one knee.
  53. Waterfall: Simultaneously drink. The chain stops when the player who pulled the block stops drinking and goes counter-clockwise.

Different Ways To Play Jenga

Drunk Jenga is a fun game with lots of ways to play. People like to create their own Drunk Jenga blocks, so there are many different ways to enjoy the game. One cool version is called King’s Cup Drunk Jenga. In this version, players use rules from the King’s Cup game to make it easier to come up with ideas. You put a cup in the middle, and if you knock over the tower, you have to drink from the cup as a penalty.

For example, a rule could be: “Rule #23: Pour your drink into the cup. If the tower falls because of you, you have to drink the mix from the cup as a penalty.” It adds a fun twist to the game.

Winning Strategies For Jenga Game

  1. Focus on Avoiding Defeat: Winning isn’t the main goal; instead, aim to skillfully avoid losing.
  2. Handle Alcohol Wisely: As you drink, it gets tougher to keep a steady hand, so be mindful of how much you’re drinking.
  3. Watch Your Tower: If you want to prevent your Jenga tower from wobbling, pay attention to how much Alcohol you’re consuming.
  4. Take Your Time: Approach each turn with careful thought; don’t rush.
  5. Controlled Breathing: Use techniques like controlled breathing to help keep the Jenga tower stable.
  6. Prevent Collapses: Follow these tips to navigate the game smoothly and prevent unexpected tower collapses.


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In conclusion, Embark on a journey into the dynamic world of Jenga, where the fusion of skill and strategy creates a captivating tabletop adventure. As you delicately navigate the artistry of removing wooden blocks and masterfully balancing them, Jenga unfolds as an ever-thrilling game. This article stands as a concise guide to the fundamental Jenga rules, ensuring an enjoyable and competitive gaming experience for all participants. Through the nuances of dos and don’ts, may your Jenga sessions become moments of exhilaration and fairness, fostering laughter and camaraderie among players. May each towering structure be a testament to the shared joy discovered in Jenga’s intricate and engaging universe.


Q: What is not allowed in Jenga?

A: You are free to choose any Jenga block from any level except those on the level immediately below the unfinished top level, which must remain untouched. Remember to employ only one hand when taking out or repositioning a Jenga block and avoid using the other hand to support or steady the swaying tower.

Q: What is the 10-second rule in Jenga?

A: A player’s turn concludes when the next player in line touches the tower or after 10 seconds from placing a block, whichever happens first. The game concludes with the Jenga tower collapsing, caused by either the removal or placement of a block.

Q: Can you touch two blocks in Jenga?

A: Feel free to touch other blocks to locate a loose one, but if you displace a block, you must rectify its position (using only one hand) before interacting with another block. When stacking, consistently finalize a 3-block story before commencing a higher one.

Q: What happens if two blocks fall in Jenga?

A: Use only a single hand to remove or place Jenga blocks, refraining from steadying the tower with the other hand. The game concludes when the tower falls or shifts, even if only one or two Jenga blocks are affected, whichever event takes place first.