Doors Monsters In Roblox – All Characters & Entities in Game


People who make things in the Roblox game “Doors Monsters” always have new and fun ideas to keep the game exciting. Right now, one of the most famous games is “Doors,” where you must deal with different monsters trying to beat you.

If you understand how to play the game, it’s best to try it out yourself. But this article is here to give you a quick introduction to the monsters and things you’ll see in the Roblox gameDoors Monsters

All Entities Of Doors Monsters

In Doors Roblox game “Doors Monsters” there are presently 19 monsters that will emerge and attempt to eliminate you. These monsters include:

1. Screech

Screech is one of the quieter monsters in the Doors game. It only shows up in dark rooms. Screech tries to find you without making any noise, so you have to listen carefully.

If you don’t notice it in time or look at it, Screech will harm you and give you a big scare. To deal with Screech, stay near lights and be as quiet as possible.

2. Eyes

Eyes looks just like a bunch of eyes, as the name suggests. When it’s about to appear, you’ll see a purple light. When it’s near you, it stares at you and causes damage over time.

Don’t look at Eyes and run away as soon as you can. Eyes appears randomly when you open a door.

3. Halt

Halt is another monster that shows up when you open a door. Just like Eyes, the lights flicker before it appears, especially in long hallways, similar to Rush.

This gives you a warning, so you can react in time. Even though Halt moves slowly, if it gets too close to you, it will cause a lot of damage.

4. Hide

In the Roblox horror game called “Hide,” there’s a character who’s like the opposite of another creature you’ll meet in the game called Seek.

This character appears when you hide for too long, and a special effect on your screen tells you it’s time to start moving again. As you play more, this character will try to attack you.

5. Rush

In the Roblox horror game “Rush,” Rush is similar to Seek, but it’s super fast and touching it means instant death.

You’ll know Rush is coming when the lights flicker as it moves from one room to another. The rooms it goes through will be dark for a while, so you should hide when Rush is close.

6. Seek

In the Roblox horror game, Seek is a monster with one eye that appears in specific rooms. It’s like the opposite of Hide, and it chases you while obstacles block your way. Seeing an eye randomly appear in the room means Seek is around and will start chasing you.

7. Figure

In the Roblox scary game “Figure,” a special monster only shows up a couple of times. Its job is to find and get rid of your character. The first time you meet the Figure is in the library after you’ve opened lots of doors.

The Figure follows you by listening to your sounds and trying to find where you are hiding. It even checks hiding spots, so you need to move quietly to avoid being caught. When the Figure is close and you’re hiding, a mini-game starts where you have to match heartbeats to stay safe. If you don’t, the Figure will catch you.

Remember, if you touch the Figure directly, your character will instantly die. So, it’s best to stay away from it, even though it can’t see.

8. Glitch

The last monster in the Roblox scary game is Glitch. The glitch only appears when you’re not doing well in the game.

When it appears, it attacks you, hurts you a bit, and gives you a surprise before sending you back to where your friends are. The damage Glitch does can be different, but it’s usually between 10 and 40 points of your health.

If you’re often getting attacked by Glitch, it’s a good idea to stick with your friends and keep moving forward to stay safe.

9. Shadow

The shadow is like a mysterious friend of Jack, but it’s not dangerous. Its only job is to try and scare you. When you open a new room’s door, there’s a tiny chance, about 1 1,200 times, that the Shadow will show up and make a really loud, scary noise.

If you’re lucky, you might see it just briefly before it disappears. But most players just hear the scary sound and never actually see the Shadow.

10. Ambush

In the Roblox horror game “Ambush,” a special monster only shows up in the Hotel level instead of Rush. This monster’s job is to try and find you if you’re hiding, like in a closet.

If it touches you, the game ends. It moves very fast and can go back and forth between rooms up to six times.

To stay safe, it’s best to hide while Ambush is around. Interestingly, Ambush was originally supposed to work like Jack during the game’s creation.

11. Timothy

In the Roblox horror game with different monsters, one of them is Timothy. Timothy is a cute monster that sometimes appears when you open drawers. You’ll know it’s Timothy when you see a spider suddenly appear.

Timothy’s job in the game is to give you a surprise, but it also takes away a little bit of your health, like five points. What’s funny is that this “innocent” monster can appear many times in different drawers, even if you’ve seen it before.

Luckily, the chances of Timothy showing up are quite low, only about 1 in 200. Our advice? Enjoy the game and imagine that Timothy is trying to help you.

12. Jack

Jack is a bit different Among all the monsters in the Roblox horror game. Jack is here just to scare you. Jack shows up randomly, like with a very low chance of 1 in 2,000 behind a door and 1 in 20 in a closet.

If you go into a closet with Jack inside, it quickly opens the door, gives you a scare, pushes you away, and then closes the door.

13. Snare

You’ll only meet Snare in The Greenhouse, and it’s a tricky creature. Snare hides in the grass and waits for the perfect moment to catch you. If you accidentally step into its trap, you’ll be stuck for a few seconds, and that makes you an easy target for Rush or Ambush.

It also causes you to lose 10 points of health. To avoid Snare in The Greenhouse, make sure you have a torch or lighter.

14. Guiding Light

In this adventure, think of Guiding Light as the person who tells the story and helps you find your way. They use blue lights to show you where to go in certain parts of the hotel. If you’re stuck in a dark room for more than 20 seconds, Guiding Light will light up the next door to help you get moving again.

Guiding Light is most helpful when Seek is chasing you. They show you the right path to survive. And if you can’t find hidden keys, Guiding Light will help you with that too.

15. El Goblino

If you need a break from all the doors and noise, you can sit down and relax with El Goblino. It’s one of the strange characters you’ll find in the hotel, but it’s friendly.

You’ll meet El Goblino in a room after the library is closed, and you can chat with it. The special thing about El Goblino is that it won’t hurt or scare you, even if it stops talking and looks at you after a while.

16. Window

Sometimes you’ll see something unusual in the game when you look through the hotel’s windows. You might spot a ghostly face staring back at you.

This spooky face is called Window, but it’s not there to harm or scare you directly. Instead, it disappears suddenly with a loud noise, adding a sense of mystery.

17. Void

The Void is like a game helper. When you fall behind, or your game lags, it appears as a bunch of floating blocks with a purple color and a foggy look. It might give you a quick scare and then teleport you to the next room, making your screen glitch for a moment.

The Void doesn’t hurt you, but it does make things look strange for a bit. It’s a sign to stay close to your group in the game.

18. Bob

Bob is like a friendly buddy to El Goblino. Even though Bob is a skeleton wearing a baseball hat, there’s no need to be scared of him. You can talk to Bob when you go to Jeff’s Shop.

19. Dupe

Dupe is a tricky character that looks like a creepy smiling face with eyes, and you can’t see the rest of its body because it’s hidden in the dark. Dupe shows up in rooms with two doors, and if you pick the wrong one, it will attack you and take away 40 points of your health.

To avoid meeting Dupe, just pay attention to the door numbers. For example, if you’re in room 41 and see doors that say 42 and 43, go to 42 first. But if you’re feeling brave and go to 43, get ready to face Dupe.


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Get Excited and Enjoy!

All the characters in the Roblox game “Doors Monsters” have been worked on a lot and are now complete. If you want to learn more about the game, you can watch videos made by Power Powered and Electro, famous for making Roblox Doors Monsters content.

This article has tried to give you a good understanding of “Doors Monsters.” I hope the words here have made it easy for you to understand.

Some FAQs

Q1: What is all the monsters in Doors?

In Doors, some various monsters and entities make the game exciting. These include Guiding Light, Eyes, Rush, Ambush, Screech, Halt, Seek, Figure, Glitch, Hide, Snare, Jack, Timothy, Window, and Void.

Q2: What is the hardest monster in Doors?

Halt is considered one of the most challenging monsters to face in DOORS. It’s tough because it can chase you relentlessly. You’ll know Halt is nearby when the lights flicker for longer, and the next door leads to a long hallway.

Q3: What monster is in the closet in Doors?

Yes, in Doors, a monster named Jack often hides behind doors and in closets. Jack can jump-scare players but doesn’t harm them. This constant fear of encountering Jack adds to the game’s tension.

Q4: What is the scariest character from Doors?

Screech is one of the most terrifying characters in the 2022 Roblox horror game Doors. It appears in the Hotel, the game’s first floor, and can hurt the player if they don’t avoid looking at it.

Q5: What is the purple monster in Doors?

The purple-eyed creatures in Doors are known as the Eyes. These eerie entities emit a purple light that can harm or kill the player if they make direct eye contact.

Q6: Who is the fastest monster in Doors Roblox?

The fastest entity in Doors Roblox is the Glitch. It has the ability to teleport players back to their friends if they venture too far ahead, and this teleportation can sometimes take away a significant portion of the player’s health.

Q7: Who is the slowest entity in Doors?

The slowest entity in Doors is called Run. It has a distinct appearance with a greenish-blue tint, two bulging eyes, and some blue teeth.

Doors Monsters