Coin Pusher Machine and How to Win on Them?


Coin Pusher Machine offer to win a pile of coins or tickets after inserting coins in the machine. These machines were popular in the past.

We have collected some information on Coin Pusher Machine that you need to know.


What is a Coin Pusher Machine?

Coin Pusher Machine are machines that allows a user to insert the coins and possibly win back more coins. These games are portrayed by various levels loaded up with coins and medals. Behind these stages are mechanical “brushes” that push the coins forward.

At the point when a coin is dropped in, it falls onto one of the stages and gets the opportunity of pushing different coins (and potentially prizes put on top of the coins) off the edge and being granted to the player, except if they fall in the left and right ‘lose’ side of the edge. Timing in dropping the coin is expertise in calculating the pusher machine game.

Point to Note: In United Kingdom these Coin Pusher Machines are termed as “Penny Falls.”

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The players will admire the fun they get from these coin pusher machines. Coin Pusher games have a variety of configurations. They can be used to pay out tickets or coins. Also, You can pay out a key to open a prize box. You can offer bonus payouts and print receipts on Coin Pusher Games. Arcade Pusher Games provide one of the best ROI in the gaming industry. Now you can add a Coin Pusher Game to your business.

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Chances of Winning Quarter Pusher Games

You can find quarter pushers, flip-it machines, or coin pushers in gambling clubs, on journey ships, and, surprisingly, in some general stores.

a lady inserting penny in a coin pusher machine

The chances of winning on a quarter pusher can change because of the temperature, stickiness, filth of the coins (which adds extra rubbing), and the diagonal point the machine is set to. Producers normally suggest a payout of 70%. Too low would make individuals quit playing, and too high would make the proprietor lose cash.

What 70% means is that for each quarter you put in, the likelihood of getting another quarter is 0.70*25 = 17.5 pennies. So indeed, the house has the edge over you, and most machines presently have slant alerts that go off, assuming you attempt to shift the machine.

Tips to win quarter pushers OR Coin Pushers

The first thought we get is to try to tilt the machine to win, but no, we can’t do that and wait for the machine to roll out coins; it may be due to vibrations. A friend of mine was on a cruise ship for the vacation, and he won $5 without even playing many times.

What he did was that he checked the coin pusher machine every time he stepped into the casino. He noticed that the pile of coins was about the fall, but he wasn’t lucky enough as he reached his destination.

Casino owners stick dollar bills on the top of the coin piles to lure you to play more. My friend told me that on the cruise ships, they put these dollar bills at the backside of the machine, making it near impossible to win. But if you have a long time on the ship, you must check out the coin pusher machine regularly to notice the conditions of the coin piles.

Cheating Trick to Win on Coin Pusher Machine

Get some metal washers and use them to play instead of real coins. They are cheaper compared to the coins. But if you get noticed doing this, you may be banned from playing.

Coin Pusher Game App

You can download the Coin Pusher game at the Google Playstore.

Enjoy the ultimate coin pusher machine experience found at amusement arcades, carnivals and circus!

When a coin is dropped in, it falls onto the platform. Try to drop the coins carefully so that they can push the other medals and prizes off of the edge. Timing in dropping the coin is the key in Coin Pusher!

Coin Pusher Machine: Where I can Find One?

I am being informed that Central Pier arcade offers Coin Pusher Games in Atlantic City. There are one or two old casinos in the Freemont Street, Las Vegas area that still use coins.

A person from Mullica Hill reported that he saw coin pusher machines in a truck stop along I-95 in North or South Carolina, he can’t say for sure.

You can find coin push machines on Norwegian Cruise Ships. Also, just type Coin Pusher Machine in the YouTube search box, you can find a lot of videos with the address of the quarter pushers games.

Questions Asked About Coin Pusher Machines

How much do coin pusher machines make?

This coin pusher is a silver strike from But we bought it on Facebook marketplace. Used for just six hundred dollars for this collection it earned 445 dollars flat in quarters. Source

Are coin pusher machines illegal?

Machines, similar to the “pusher” machines that have sprung up at nearby corner stores, are viewed as unlawful betting machines, and as per a resigned Dearborn cop, are made more unlawful when they utilize genuine cash and not tokens. Source

Do any casinos still have coin pushers?

None in casinos, just arcades. Those are a thing of the past in the casinos. They used to be everywhere until the mid 90’s.

Where do I find coin pushers?

I’ve never seen them in English casinos, but we have arcades all over the country, usually in coastal resorts, and around 50% have pushers. You can watch this video to know where you can find coin pushers.

Does Foxwoods have coin pushers?

There are no longer any coin operated machines located at Foxwoods, these games were converted to ticket in/out games.

Are coin pushers legal in Indiana?

No. They have been ruled by Indiana and federal courts to be illegal gambling. Source

Are coin pushers legal in Oklahoma?

So-called “coin-pusher” machines are considered illegal gaming devices under Oklahoma law, according to the Oklahoma Tax Commission. Source

Are coin pushers legal in Kentucky?

Slots are illegal in Kentucky, but the makers of these machines have found a loophole and games are pouring into the state without much regulation or approval from lawmakers.

Are coin machines profitable?

Claiming a coin machine can convey returns of in excess of multiple times the first speculation when determined over the lifetime of the machine. For instance, when you own the machine, you conclude what use expense to charge and you keep the benefit, not an outsider

Final Words on Coin Pusher Machine By Win-Slots

You can add a coin pusher machine to your business to earn more money. These coin pushers were so popular in the back days and people today want to live the moment they saw in their childhood with their parents or grandparents.

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