Guide On Obtaining All Keys In Cheese Escape Map Roblox


If you like the excitement of solving mysteries in a room, you might enjoy playing Cheese Escape. It’s a game where you work with other players to find nine pieces of cheese hidden in a maze and unlock a series of doors to escape. But be careful, because there’s a monster chasing you.

You need to work with your partner to unlock the doors, but you must find the cheese on your own. To play Cheese Escape, first, figure out where to find the keys. Then, talk about the Cheese Escape Map and all the important details you need to know.

How to Obtain the Green Key in Cheese Escape: A Comprehensive Guide

Once you’ve left the safe zone, stick to the right and take the first left. Keep going until you reach a T-intersection, where the path turns left.

To get to the end corner of the walkway, just keep moving straight until you reach a right bend. Next to a ladder, you’ll find some cheese and the Green Key (marked as Green on the map).

Finding the Lost Red Key: A Comprehensive Guide

Once you’ve got the Green Key, climb up the ladder and follow the upper-level path to exit the building (look for the blue down arrow on the map).

When you reach the bottom of the ladder, keep going straight until you come across a door. To enter the next room, type in the code 3842 on the keypad.

After that, keep walking down the hallway until you reach the end, where you’ll find some cheese and the Red Key (marked as red two on the map).

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Finding and Obtaining the Blue Key: Tips and Locations

To find the red door:

1. Leave the safe zone and go straight.

2. Take the third right turn before the path turns left.

3. Follow the main road as it turns left twice, and you’ll see the red door on your right at the end.

4. Use the red key to unlock the door and take out the board.

5. Return to the Cheese Escape Map through the Green Door and two more portals past where you found the Red Key (make sure to grab the cheese in between). When you get there, you’ll notice that the floor is broken.

6. Fix it by placing the board on it. Once the floor is fixed, you can cross over to the other side and pick up the Blue Key.

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How to Use the ‘Green’ Button: Step-by-Step Guide

Roblox Cheese Escape Map

Once you’ve climbed back up the ladder where you found the Green Key, the Blue Door will be on your left. Use the Blue Key to open it, bring the cheese, and activate the Green switch.

This switch will unlock the last piece of cheese that was previously inaccessible. It’s located behind the door labeled “Purple” on the map.

Tips and Tricks to Win the Maze-Solving Game Cheese Escape

To leave the maze:

1. Follow the blue down arrow on the map.

2. If you’re upstairs, follow it to get out.

3. Instead of using the Green Door, use the two side passages on the right.

There’s some cheese in the small room in between. Remember, you need to find nine pieces of cheese to open the door marked four on the map. Once you’ve found them all, you can leave through the entrance that’s part of the Secure zone (marked by the orange arrow).

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Cheese Escape Map FAQs

The Code to Play Cheese Escape Game

If you want to play Cheese Escape on Roblox, the code you must enter is 3-8-4-2.

Tips and Strategies to Beat the Cheese Escape Map

To escape the maze and exit officially:

1. Enter through exit door 1 in the safe room.

2. Turn right, then take another right, followed by a third right.

3. Keep going down that hall and take the second left (both lefts will take you to the same place, but one is faster).

4. Continue straight, and you’ll see the exit to get out of the maze.

Location and Use of the Blue Key in Cheese Escape

You can use it to open the Blue Door, which is located in the room above where you found the Green Key.

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The information provided above gives you all the details you need to know about the Cheese Escape Map. It contains all the important information and facts about the map you might want to know. So, if you have any questions or concerns about the Cheese Escape Map, you can refer to the information above to find the answers you seek.