Best Swords in Blox Fruits


Best Swords in Blox Fruits: Roblox’s Blox Fruits is a fun and action-packed server. It focuses on sword-fighting, creating characters, and building virtual worlds. The main aim is to make your own character and become a powerful swordfighter by practicing and mastering the skills.

Blox Fruits has become very popular because of its simplicity. Even after three years, many people still play the game regularly. You need to have good swords to stand out in this big world. If you want new swords, these premium ones are the best choice.

Best Swords in Blox Fruits – TOP 5

5. Dark Blade

The Dark Blade is a special and powerful weapon in Blox Fruits. It can quickly destroy enemies with its fast sword slashes. If you upgrade it with a blacksmith, it becomes even stronger, causing high stun damage and adjusting to your opponent’s mistakes. It is one of the best and rare S-class weapons in the game.

Getting The Dark Blade in Blox Fruits can be tricky. The easiest way is to buy it for 1200 Robux (about $21). But if you don’t want to spend money, you can try defeating the boss Mihawk. Sometimes, they drop the mythical blade as a reward, although it’s not very common. Keep fighting the raid boss as much as you can to improve your chances of getting it.

4. Rengoku

Rengoku is a powerful Legendary weapon in Blox Fruits, loved by both new and experienced players for its high damage output. However, it’s a bit hard to obtain as you have to defeat the Awakened Ice Admiral and search for a hidden chest during a treasure hunt.

The good news is that getting Rengoku is totally worth the effort. Once you have it, you can customize its enchantments as you like. Plus, it deals a strong base damage and allows for powerful combos. With all these benefits, it’s definitely worth going on a quest to get this legendary weapon.

3. Shisui

If you want one of the best and versatile swords in Blox Fruits, go for the Legendary Shisui. But remember, it will cost you 2,000,000 Bones at the Legendary weapons dealer. Also, it’s not always available, so keep checking the shop regularly when you’re nearby.

Unlocking Shisui allows you to deal massive damage to strong enemies and perform fast and powerful combos. If you have enough Bones, visit the Legendary sword dealer to get it. Having Shisui is essential to make a name for yourself in PvP battles.

2. Cursed Dual Katana

In Update 17 of Blox Fruits, many amazing weapons were added, but they might be difficult for beginners. However, for experienced players, the update introduced powerful Mythical swords that can conquer almost anything, as long as you’re willing to pay the price.

The Cursed Dual Katana is one of the best weapons introduced in months. It has two powerful moves, Slayer of Goliath and Revolving Ravager, that can deal a lot of damage. To get the Cursed Dual Katana, you need to master both Yama and Tushita to a level of 350. Also, you must complete the Cursed Dual Katana Puzzle, but you can only do that when you reach level 2200.

1. True Triple Katana

The True Triple Katana is a sword that is considered perfect and highly desired by many players after they master the basics. To get it, you need to reach a mastery level of 300 with the Saddi, Shisui, and Wando swords. Each of these swords costs around 2,000,000, so you will need 8,000,000 to obtain the True Triple Katana.

The True Triple Katana is known for dealing the highest damage per click and is one of the strongest weapons for PvP battles or boss raids. It’s fast and reliable, making it the top choice for skilled Blox Fruits players. If you have mastered the three Legendary swords mentioned earlier, consider visiting the Mysterious Man in the Green Zone to get the True Triple Katana for just 2,000,000.

Best Swords in Blox Fruits

  • 5. Dark Blade
  • 4. Rengoku
  • 3. Shisui
  • 2. Cursed Dual Katana
  • 1. True Triple Katana


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Roblox’s Blox Fruits is a fun and action-packed game where you can fight with swords, create characters, and build virtual worlds. To become a powerful swordfighter, you need to practice and master your skills.

The game is popular because it’s easy to play, and many people still enjoy it after three years. Good swords are essential to stand out in the game, and the top five choices are the Dark Blade, Rengoku, Shisui, Cursed Dual Katana, and True Triple Katana.

These swords have special abilities that make them highly desirable. Some may be challenging, but they are worth it as they can help you perform better in battles.

Whether a beginner or an experienced player, having one of these premium swords will make your Blox Fruits experience even more exciting and impressive.

So, if you want to be a skilled player in the game, aim to get one of these top five swords and show off your sword-fighting skills.

Some FAQs

Q1: What is the most uncommon sword in Blox Fruits?

A1: The swords in the Legendary tier are strong and suitable for grinding and PvP. However, the Mythical swords are the rarest and generally considered the best in the game.

Q2: Which sword is considered the best in Blox Fruit World 1?

A2: Among the 14 weapons available in the starting First Sea area of Blox Fruits, the Saber claims the title of the best sword. It is a legendary weapon that remains effective even beyond the starting zone, especially if you upgrade its power.

Q3: What is the strongest weapon in Blox fruit?

A3: One of the strongest weapons in Roblox Blox Fruits is the Acidum Gun. It is considered one of the best options for players looking to dominate in PvP mode. With this gun equipped as their primary choice, players can deal significant damage and frequently stun their enemies during combat, giving them a clear advantage.

Q4: What are the top 5 best swords in Blox fruits?

A4: The top 5 best swords in Blox Fruits are:

  1. True Triple Katana.
  2.  Cursed Dual Katana.
  3.  Shisui.
  4.  Rengoku.
  5.  Dark Blade.

Best Swords in Blox Fruits