Mastering The 4-Finger Claw Technique in PUBG/BGMI


PUBG/BGMI is a highly competitive mobile battle royale game that demands precise control and lightning-fast reflexes.

To elevate your gameplay to the next level, many players have adopted the 4-finger claw technique. This advanced control method allows for more efficient character movements and actions.

In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the world of the 4-finger claw technique, exploring optimal settings, grip techniques, training drills, and valuable tips to help you master this technique and dominate the game.

Finding Your Ideal Layout Settings

To embark on your journey to mastery, finding the layout settings that suit your preferences and playstyle is crucial.

Customizing your button placements and configurations is key to achieving comfort and efficiency during gameplay. Let’s dive into the important aspects of finding your ideal layout settings.

Fire Button Setup

The fire button holds utmost importance in your layout. While the top right corner is a popular placement choice, some players prefer the left side.

It is essential to ensure that your fire button faces the top right corner to avoid unwanted camera movement. This allows for smooth firing without compromising aim accuracy.

Lean & Peek Button Placement

Strategic maneuvers such as leaning and peeking are crucial in PUBG/BGMI.

Placing the lean and peek buttons below the fire button and operating them with your thumb finger is a commonly recommended setup.

However, feel free to experiment and find what works best for your dexterity and comfort level.

Customizing Other Controls

Aside from the fire and lean buttons, you have the freedom to customize other controls according to your preferences.

Buttons for jumping, climbing, crouching, proning, reloading, and grenade cancel should be strategically placed for easy access while minimizing finger movement.

Experiment with different placements until you find an intuitive and comfortable arrangement.

Holding Your Phone with the 4-Finger Claw Technique

Achieving optimal control and comfort requires proper phone grip while utilizing the 4-finger claw technique. While there is no definitive “correct” way to hold your device, there is a commonly used grip that you can adapt and modify according to your preferences. Let’s explore the recommended grip technique:

  • Place your index fingers on top of the phone, ready to operate the buttons.
  •  Utilize your pinky fingers to support the bottom of the phone, preventing slippage and accidental drops.
  •  Position your middle and ring fingers behind the phone to provide stability and support.

Remember, using a thick phone case can enhance your grip and provide a more secure hold, particularly during intense gaming sessions.

Understanding Basic Settings and Sensitivity

As you transition to the 4-finger claw technique, it’s important to understand and optimize your basic settings and sensitivity to align with your new playstyle.

However, sticking with your current sensitivity settings is generally recommended, as they are likely already calibrated to your preferences and muscle memory.

Altering sensitivity can disrupt your aim and movement control. If you do decide to make adjustments, consult dedicated resources or seek guidance from experienced players to find the optimal settings for your gameplay style.

Training Drills for Mastering the 4-Finger Claw Technique

Consistent practice and dedicated training drills are essential to excel with the 4-finger claw technique truly. Let’s explore some effective drills to incorporate into your practice routine:

Shooting Drill

Focus on quick-scoping, recoil control, and target switching. Practice scoping in, firing at a target, scoping out, and swiftly switching to another target. This drill enhances your ability to engage enemies swiftly and accurately.

Crouch and Fire Drill

Master the art of crouching and firing simultaneously. Practice scoping in, crouching, firing, scoping out, and immediately uncrouching while switching targets. This drill enhances your agility and precision during combat.

Leaning Drill

Leaning or peeking left and right is a valuable skill in PUBG/BGMI. Find cover, such as a tree, and practice firing at different targets while leaning in and out. This drill hones your ability to engage enemies while minimizing your exposure.

Jump and Fire Drill

Incorporate jumping into your shooting technique. Practice jumping and firing accurately while maintaining control over your character’s movements. This drill enhances your mobility and adaptability in combat situations.


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Conclusion On 4-Finger Claw Technique

The 4-finger claw technique offers a significant advantage in PUBG/BGMI, providing enhanced control and precision during gameplay.

You can accelerate your progress toward mastery by finding your ideal layout settings, mastering the recommended phone grip, understanding basic settings, and engaging in regular training drills.

Remember, customization and perseverance are key. With time and dedication, you can become a formidable player in PUBG/BGMI, leveraging the power of the 4-finger claw technique to dominate the battlefield. Good luck, and may your journey be filled with thrilling victories.

FAQs On 4-Finger Claw Technique

Q1: What does the 4-finger claw technique involve in PUBG/BGMI?

A1: In PUBG/BGMI, the 4-finger claw technique refers to a advanced control method where players use four fingers to operate different on-screen buttons simultaneously. This technique offers better control, faster response times, and increased agility during gameplay.

Q2: What are the benefits of using the 4-finger claw technique?

A2: Switching to the 4-finger claw technique provides improved control over character movements, quicker access to important buttons, and enhanced aiming and shooting precision. It can significantly boost your performance, particularly in intense combat scenarios.

Q3: How can I determine the optimal layout settings for the 4-finger claw technique?

A3: Experiment with different button placements and configurations to find the best layout for you. Customize the fire, lean, and peek buttons and other controls based on your preferences and playstyle.

Q4: Is copying another player’s layout settings for the 4-finger claw technique acceptable?

A4: While you can use layouts created by other players, it is recommended to create your own. Designing your layout gives you a sense of satisfaction and ensures that it is specifically tailored to your needs and device.

Q5: What is the recommended grip for holding the phone using the 4-finger claw technique?

A5: The most common grip involves placing your index fingers on the phone, supported by your pinky fingers at the bottom. Your middle and ring fingers provide stability behind the phone. Experiment with different variations until you find a grip that feels secure and comfortable for long gaming sessions.

Q6: Should I adjust sensitivity settings when using the 4-finger claw technique?

A6: Sticking your current sensitivity settings is generally advised since they are already tuned to your preferences and muscle memory. However, if you decide to make adjustments, do so gradually and test them to ensure they don’t disrupt your aim and control.

Q7: How long does becoming skilled at the 4-finger claw technique take?

A7: Mastery of the 4-finger claw technique requires practice and persistence. The learning curve varies for each person, but dedicating regular practice sessions of about 30-40 minutes per day can help you become proficient within a few weeks.

Q8: Are there specific training exercises to improve skills with the 4-finger claw technique?

A8: Yes, there are recommended drills that can significantly enhance your proficiency. These drills include shooting, crouch, fire, leaning, and jump and fire drills. These exercises focus on improving aim, recoil control, mobility, and agility with the 4-finger claw technique.

Q9: Can I use the 4-finger claw technique on any device?

A9: The 4-finger claw technique can be used on most mobile devices that support the game. However, device size and screen resolution may impact the comfort and effectiveness of the technique. Using a device with a larger screen is advisable for better visibility and maneuverability.

Q10: How can I adapt the 4-finger claw technique to suit my playstyle?

A10: While there are recommended practices, the 4-finger claw technique is highly adaptable. Feel free to modify button placements, grips, and other aspects to align with your playstyle. Regular experimentation and adjustments will help you discover the most effective setup for your gameplay.