A Small World Cup Unblocked


Welcome to the exciting realm of A Small World Cup Unblocked. This article will delve into the captivating world of this unblocked version of the Small World Cup game.

Uncover the unique features, gameplay mechanics, and strategies that make this version stand out.

Whether you’re a seasoned player looking for insights or a newcomer curious about what sets this game apart, join us on a journey through the intricacies and thrills of A Small World Cup Unblocked. Get ready to explore, play, and enhance your gaming experience.

About A Small World Cup

In a game called A Small World Cup, you and a friend can have a lot of fun playing a funny version of soccer. All you need is a rag doll; the goal is to hit it into the ball to score points.

Rujo Games came up with this cool mini-game that mixes football with the classic “Mutilate a Doll” game, creating some really funny moments. You can either practice or try to win the World Cup—it’s all about having a good time.

Choose a level and a team, then show how good you are in the tournament. Try the Golden Goal setting—it means if you score one goal, you go to the next round.

But be careful; your opponent only needs one goal to win, so play smart. Throw your player’s character at the ball, hope for a goal, and move on to the championship round.

Have fun playing A Small World Cup on Chrome or any other updated browser without any problems.

Exciting Features of A Small World Cup Unblocked

  • Fun Game for Two Players: Rujo Games created a soccer game to enjoy with a friend.
  • Rag Doll Teams: Teams are made up of funny rag dolls that you can bump into the ball for a good laugh.
  • Mix of Laughs: The game combines “Mutilate a Doll” with soccer, creating a hilarious experience.
  • Different Game Modes: Try out various modes like practice, a World Cup tournament, and a Golden Goal.
  • Golden Goal Wins: In Golden Goal mode, scoring just one goal is all you need to win and move forward.
  • Play Anywhere: Easily play A Small World Cup Unblocked on Chrome and other new web browsers.


  • Where to Have Fun: Play A Small World Cup for free on Chromebook, Laptop, Desktop, PC, and Windows.
  • Smooth Gaming: Enjoy the game hassle-free on popular browsers like Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and other modern ones.

A Small World Cup Release Date

A small World Cup game was released in August 2019 by Rujo Games.

Winning Tips And Tricks For A Small World Cup Unblocked

This game is pretty easy to play—you don’t have to be a soccer star to do well. I’ll give you some tips to help you out.

1. Easy on the Power: When you kick the ball too hard, it might hit the crossbar and come back at you. Be careful not to score on yourself.

2. Balance Attack and Defense: Sure, you want to score, but don’t forget to defend too. Keep an eye out for what the other team is doing.

3. Watch the Clock: You’ve got 45 seconds to score and win. Keep track of time so you don’t run out of it.

4. Don’t Bounce Too High: The other team might take advantage if the ball bounces super high. But hey, you can use this to surprise them, too.

A Small World Cup Controls

  • Select player – Use the left mouse button.
  • Move player – Drag the cursor.


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In conclusion, A Small World Cup Unblocked offers a delightful gaming experience. This article explained its amusing gameplay, unique features, and winning strategies.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer, this game by Rujo Games promises an entertaining mix of soccer and humour.

Released in August 2019, it’s easily accessible on popular browsers, ensuring a smooth gaming experience.

With tips for success, including careful ball handling and time management, players can embark on an enjoyable and strategic soccer adventure.

So, select your player, move strategically, and immerse yourself in the fun-filled world of A Small World Cup Unblocked. Cheers to an entertaining gaming journey ahead.